Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School 2012

So I have had my granddaughters here for two days. Kinda. Sorta. Well, it's really weird, because they arrived Sunday at 4:00 p.m. and they left Monday at 4:00 p.m. Just for a couple of hours--to meet their new teachers for the school year, which starts on Wednesday. And then they had dinner with their parents and went shoe-shopping, which both girls were excited about. Oh, you know they're growing up when they want to shop for shoes! Anyway, then they brought them back out here, where they're staying until about 4:00 p.m. today when they get picked up again. See? I said kinda, sorta, and I meant that. I will say that both girls have been on their best behavior. There hasn't even been a fight! Angela asked me if I had checked to see if they were pod people! LOL!

And now for some back-story. Because what would my blog be without it. Pffffffft! Years ago I could go to a community pool and swim. Not so much anymore. My cellulite and I have made a pact--no public display unless we are at the ocean. Community pools are just too intimate; and my cellulite and I cannot tolerate that intimacy. We shudder at the thought. (Actually, it's more like we jiggle uncontrollably.) So my poor granddaughters are not going to the community pool this visit. I cannot just sit in the heat fully clothed, and, well, you get the picture, right? Gary takes the girls swimming whenever they stay with us in the summer; but he is working and couldn't get the time off, so no such luck. BTW, Gary is very aware of my cellulite; he is not overly fond of it, but he diplomatically shies away from mentioning it. And he understands my need to keep it covered.

Now you can understand, (I hope), why the girls are doing indoor things during this stay. Hopefully, they won't be too bored by this afternoon! We have a very small back yard, with virtually no shade--our trees are only 2 years old; so going out to play back there isn't as fun as it is at their house, where the trees are giants, and the yards are shady. Yesterday I sent the girls to our little park area at the end of our block, (it's really a grassy drainage area, but the neighborhood kids play there. Not so much yesterday, though.) Kelsey and Brynn were the only two out there. And they didn't stay long--because the trees there are pretty tiny, too, so there isn't any shade to speak of. Gosh, now that I write all this stuff down, I'm thinking that going to Grandma's house must be a nightmare for the two of them! Of course, they do have access to a computer with games and Kelsey has her Itouch, which she dearly loves. So at least the techno junk is keeping them occupied. And, darling Daughter, when you read this, try not to go ballistic. OK? I know you don't allow so much computer access at your home, but you are not the grandparent. Just wait. You'll understand someday. Really.

Sunday night I got another one of my brainstorms. I hate when that happens! And this one directed me to make a couple of cards to give to the girls today. For going back to school. Whatever possessed me to attempt this with such short notice, I have no idea. But if I can find whatever it was, I will put it out with the garbage. Or bury it in the backyard. (When it cools down.)

Anyway Paulette at Create with TLC has some really cute back-to-school images that I thought I could use. (Come to think of it, I believe it is Paulette's fault that I had this latest brainstorm. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.)  I found some adorable images at Mo's Digital Pencil to quickly (hah) color up for the cards. I stayed up Sunday night until 2:30 a.m. working on them. (I know. I know. I am a wild and crazy grandma. Oh, forget the wild. I am just plain crazy.) And I worked on the cards yesterday while the girls were gone for a bit, and then finished them after they went to bed last night. Again another late night. I got done with them about 1:30 a.m. Yes, I am a tired old lady, but I'll be able to take a nap after the girls go home.

I am entering three challenges with one of these cards, since they are the same design, except for the image. Kelsey has long hair, so her image is Berkeley. Brynn has short hair, so I colored Erasmus for her. I printed both images on Cryogen CS. I found some Basic Grey paper I liked from the Sweet Threads collection. I paired that with CS from Stampin' Up. My seam binding is also from SU. All my flowers and stick pins are from Wild Orchid Crafts. The tickets and the chalkboard image are from Create with TLC. I used a bit of cheesecloth on each card. I cut leaves with a Spellbinders leaf die and a doily with the Cheery Lynn Celtic Fire die. My images were accented with a white gel pen. I added Glossy Accents to the lips of both images and to the apple that Berkeley is holding. And both images were colored with Copics: C00, C0, R81, R83, RV14, RV17, RV19, YG61, YG63, E0000, E000, E00, E11, E13, E30, E33, E35, E37, E40, E42, E44.

I am entering the following challenges with the card I made for Brynn:

Basic Grey Bright and Bold Challenge
Wild Orchid Pink and Green Challenge
Mo's Anything Goes Challenge

Here's wishing everyone everywhere a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Hi sweetie these are absolutely gorgeous, big hugs love Pops x x x

  2. OMG, Penny! These are both adorable! Love both Mo's images and Paulette always has just the right serntiment to pair with them! Your coloring is fantastic and the design and embellies are wonderful! I am sure the girls loved them!

  3. Your sense of humor just cracks me up, Penny!! I am STILL giggling at the cellulite/pool ban!! LOL!!
    Your cards are both AMAZING!! Gorgeous colors and fabulous design! Love them BOTH!!!

    Hugs to you!

  4. PENNY...oh my goodness are these cards cute! I did not get an email yet...but not sure which email addy it would have gone too. Probably the desktop if it was my blog link... try using craftymumzcreation@bellsouth.net That will reach me on the laptop which is what I am on most of the time. I only check the desktop if I go downstairs to do laundry...

  5. Awww these are gorgeous Penny!Loving all of the details and those little blackboards are the cutest! Great colouring too :)

  6. Both gorgeous cards for the girls! I don't know how you manage to work that late - I would need matchsticks to keep my eyes open!
    Btw, meant to say before - you get the UK Cadburys chocolate when you go home for a visit and fill your suitcase with it and you ensure all UK guests arrive with plenty of supplies too :)

  7. These are two of the sweetest cards ever!!!! How wonderful to give them to your sweeties! Beautifully colored and masterfully designed~ fabulous!

  8. Both cards are totally gorgeous, Penny! Your coloring of these sweet Mo digis is fabulous. I hope the girls enjoy all of your hard work!

  9. What a lovely Grandma staying up to make these beautiful cards both of which are just fabulous!!! I'm with you on the swimming front will be no swimming with my Granddaughter either!! lol Love Chanelle xx

  10. Both cards are stunning. and your attention to detail is amazing. Love the chalkboard affect. You did an awesome job with the challenge this week I do hope to see you again next week as well. Thanks for joining us at Mo's this week.


  11. These are both adorable Penny. I love all the flowers. Your colors are so pretty.

  12. Both cards are really fabulous and well worth staying up late and being cranky the next day.

    I love all the fabulous details, your wonderful coloring, and your writing.

    I commiserate with you on the cellulite thing. I wouldn't be caught in public in a bathing suit, unless everyone was blind or drunk or some combination thereof.

    BTW, I do have a halo. It holds up my horns.

  13. Wonderful cards, your colours and papers are fantastic. Mo's images are adorable, fabulous colouring and I lover your gorgeous details.

    Heather xx
    Thanks so much for joining us with Basic Grey challenges

  14. These back to school cards are gorgeous Penny well done ,fab colours too hugs Elaine

  15. Hi Penny!

    Your cards are both absolute gorgeous!! The images are so cute and I love your flowers!


  16. Thank you again for watching the girls those days! It was a huge help, and I know they enjoyed their time with you. And you already know how much I love these cards. They're amazing! The girls adored them, as well. I hope you could see that on their faces when you gave them to them. :)


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