Friday, October 17, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Color/Photo Inspiration Challenge

Whew! Got through another week, huh? So happy this week! Our pool is supposed to be dug today, which is a miracle almost. Well, not quite, but, considering we just signed the contract last Friday, it is almost a miracle--you have to go through the permit arrangements before the pool can be started. I understand our city makes it is easy to get permits, which is really cool for us. Our yard was pretty well cleared out on Wednesday. They cut down our 35-foot tree, and removed it, the stump, and all the shrubbery in the yard. Gary had gotten all the pavers pulled up on Monday, so it looks like a bit of a wasteland out there now. However, I expect it will look lovely in a few weeks!

And, while signing all the paperwork for the pool, I found out that my driver's license expired on my 65th birthday in July. Well, the nerve! I haven't needed to get a new one for four years, so really just forgot about renewing mine. (No jokes about my senior moments here, OK? I have already heard that from Gary, though he should talk.) Anyway, I couldn't go on Monday, as it was a holiday. So Gary drove me on Tuesday, (yes, now that I knew I had no license, I didn't want to drive!), and it took two hours!!! Oh, for goodness sake. It seemed that everyone in Gilbert was getting something done at the DMV that day.

Oh, if you run into a short, dark-haired, middle-aged lady at the DMV desk in the office off of Greenfield, be afraid. Be very afraid. She has a rather short fuse. She gave me my vision test, and I couldn't see the blinking lights in my peripheral vision. She kept trying the test, I kept saying I couldn't see the lights, and she lost her temper with me. She came around the desk and said since she could certainly see the lights, I should be able to. And I had no answer for her, just kept apologizing. So, after a bit of back-and-forth, she finally tried me at a different machine. Lo and behold, I could see the flippin', blinking lights. So I finally passed the vision test. I then went to get my photo taken, (which shows me looking slightly dazed--I wonder why), and told the photographer about my experience. She took one look at my glasses and said that they were the reason I couldn't see the lights at the first machine. Apparently, my bows are too wide for that particular machine. She says she always has people take their glasses off for the peripheral test if they are wearing glasses with wide bows. Oh, for Pete's sake. That's all it was? Much ado about nothing. Sigh...

Hey, did we ever see a fabulous game on Sunday! Yes, that does mean our football team won. Snicker. It was close, too close for comfort, but we are now 4-1, and at the top of our division. Which happens to be the toughest in the NFL. So there is that! This week's game is in Oakland. And we will be watching on TV. If I can stand to. I find it easier to tape the televised games and watch if we win. It's too stressful otherwise. Gary thinks I am nuts for not being able to watch the out-of-town games live. But I have figured out why: it's because I can't do anything to help our team win--like making noise when the opponent has the ball. And that really does help--the team and me. (I burn off stress that way.)

Alrighty, I guess it's time to tell you about my card this week. I used my Karleigh Sue image, Country Pumpkin, printed her on X-Press It BC, and colored her with my Copics and Twin Touch Brush markers:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E11, E13, E15, E18
Blouse/Skirt: YG61, YG63, G99, R12, R14, R17, YR38
Hat/Boots: E19, E18, TTBR98
Pumpkins: YR21, Y35, Y38, YR27, YG61, YG63, G99

My DP is from the Bo Bunny Autumn Song collection. It was Zutterized along with the image, and then paired with Stampin' Up and DCWV CS. I added a bit of Washi tape, some Prima Tiny Junkyard Findings, and die cuts made with Cheery Lynn Fall Pumpkins and Hello dies. And, baby, that's all she wrote. The end...

Well, not quite the end. I have to mention that we have wonderful inspiration created by my teammates: Carla, Kathi, and Laine, and our guest designer, Joan LaBelle. (Dawn is on a bit of a break.) Do check them out and then color up an image with any coloring medium you like for your creation, and play along with us, OK? Really looking forward to what you create!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The End. (For real.)

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Coloring "Celebrate World Postage Day" Challenge - Anniversary Card for Jon/Angela

Yes, it is once again time for a new challenge. And why? Because it is Friday again. Every seven days. Funny how that works, huh? And this week we are asking you to come up with postage-related creations: postage stamps, mailboxes, make a postcard, and so on. Just be sure to color an image on your project--with any medium you wish. Easy peasy, right?

Our sponsor this month is Karleigh Sue. Our randomly-selected participant will win a $10 GC to the shop. And whoever you are, you will have fun shopping at Karleigh Sue! I will be using my darling image next week.

Before I get to the nitty-gritty, I must mention that I finally finished the Outlander series. Thank goodness! I was so disoriented traveling back and forth through time for weeks on end. It took almost forever to read all eight books. Well, not quite, but it took a lonnnnng time, and I am a fast reader. (About the only thing I can do fast at my age.)  I can see why the author takes so long to write each book. Glad I read them on my tablet--they would have been so heavy to hold otherwise! I will not spoil anything for you. But I really, truly, enjoyed each book. 

I am actually writing this in advance, because I am going to be busy on Thursday evening. Even though you may see this Friday morning. But it is really Wednesday afternoon as I type this up. Have I confused you sufficiently? Oh, good. I don't want to feel so all alone...

Anyway, because of the time I am writing this, I don't know what our final pool bid is. It may be here by the time you read this, or it may not. But I will update you next week. One good piece of news--we have a guy coming out next week to take down our dirty acacia tree and remove our shrubbery. The plants are in the way of the pool, and the tree needs to go bye-bye. It drops way too many pods that we don't want in a pool. We will be planting a much cleaner tree--we think a mastic at this point. And then we will put in the obligatory palms. We had them around our last pool, and I did enjoy the tropical look. (And, for some reason, Gary has to have palm trees around his pools.)  

We have a Cardinals football game this Sunday. They lost last week in Denver, which I actually expected. (That's why I didn't want to travel up there for that game.) That is not such a terrible thing, but we had way too many players injured in Denver. That. is. not. good. Am really concerned about effect all the injuries will have on the team going forward. Guess we shall see, hey? (If you should happen to see the Broncos' Julius Thomas anywhere, do me a favor and boo him a bit, won't you? He made such an uncalled-for, dirty hit on one of our best players. Deliberately hurt him. Wrong, wrong, wrong thing to do, imho.)

Okay, now that we've got all the preliminaries out of the way, I can get down to brass tacks. But not thumb tacks. They hurt. Especially when you sit on them. Like I did in fourth grade, when some little wretch set one on the seat of my desk. Ouch...

This week I needed to make an anniversary card for Jon and Angela. Their 16th is on Friday. And I chose to make a very CAS card for them this year. I used two Tiddly Inks images: Cave and Cave Couple, from the Cave Folks set. I have wanted to use this cute set for quite a while. 

My images were printed on X-Press It BC and colored with my Copics:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: Y21, YR23, E15, E18
His clothing: E34, E37, E39
Her clothing: E02, E08, E09
Club: E34, E37
Jewelry: E02, E09
Cave/Ground: W0, W1, W2, W4, W6

My finishing touch was adding a Whimsy mini postage stamp sentiment, using a Whimsy mini postage stamp die. My cardstock came from Stampin' Up. And that really does it. 

Do check out the fabulous creations by my talented teammates: Carla, Kathi, Laine, and our guest designer, Joan LaBelle. (Dawn is on a bit of a break right now.) And then please play along with us--we are looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Coloring Alice in Wonderland Challenge

Now it's Friday. I bet that confused you when I posted on a Wednesday, huh? (It confused me, too, but don't tell anybody, OK?) Anyway, it's time for a new challenge at The Outlawz, in honor of Mad Hatter Day, (October 6th). I seem to be doing a lot of Alice-related things lately. Fun, though. I love all the different digis I have that work for that story-line.

This month we are sponsored by Karleigh Sue digis. The prize is a $10 GC, and will be awarded to a randomly-selected participant. So get your entries in this month, so you can shop for her darling digis! All you have to do is color an image on your project with any coloring medium you wish! Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with each week!

I will be using my Karleigh Sue image later this month. Today I have colored another Make It Crafty image, called Alice and Caterpillar. I printed this image on X-Press It BC and colored it with my Copics and Twin Touch Brush markers:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: Y21, YR23, E15, E18
Stockings/Dress: BG10, BG11, BG13, BG15, BG18
Trim/Apron: YG0000, TTGY163, TTGY48
Lace: W0, W1
Pipe/Cup/Shoes: R000, R00, R12
Chair: R000, R00, R12, R01, R02
Smoke: BG10, BG11
Caterpillar: YG0000, TTGY163, TTGY48, BG11, BG13, BG15, BG18

I searched the internet for something that the caterpillar had said to Alice. But you know how the internet is. So it may be true or not. I didn't check Snopes. Hardeharhar. Oh, and I also added a silly frog button, just because he matched the greens I used in coloring. And that's it.

BTW, I thought I was done with the Outlander series after book seven. My sister, Merrilyn, informed me that there was a book eight out. Pooh. Well, you know I had to buy that book too, right? And it was expensive, relatively speaking, for an ebook, since it was just released in June. Sigh...and please don't mention this to Gary, if you happen to see him in the next, say, two years or so, 'K? Thanks, Peeps. I appreciate that. I am devouring this one so that I can at last be done with time traveling, which is so exhausting, right?

Pool update: we have narrowed the bids down to two pool companies. Will be deciding which one within the next week or so. Gary has driven the salesmen crazy, I have no doubt, with all his questions. Egads, he has driven me crazy, too. I know just how those guys feel. (Of course, they haven't had to put up with him for 44 years, either. I know, I know. I am a saint.) Pfffffffffffffffffft. (We all know Gary is really the saint for putting up with me day in and day out for over 16,000 days. But don't mention that to him, either, please. He doesn't need to know he is a martyr, too.)

Do check out the fabulous creations by my talented teammates: Carla, Kathi, and Laine! We also welcome our guest designer for the month, Joan LaBelle! She has a great creation this week as well! And then be sure to play along with us, OK?

And have a wonderful weekend! (Yay, the Cards play on Sunday this week! Boo, they play in Denver, so we have to watch on TV.)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SCACD Digi Day and Ed's Birthday Card

No, it is not Friday! I am actually posting on a Wednesday! And there is a very good reason for it:

Today the sweet Friends of SCACD group and the SCACD DT are showcasing Fall images, even some with a twist.
If you want to see all the peeps presenting their inspirations today, not to mention a shot at some yummy blog candy, and Susana's offering a sweet FREE digi image thru 10-5, head to the SCACD Store Blog for details: 

Susana graciously gave me SCACD The Hatter, by Carmen Medlin, to work with this week. I love this image. Fun, quirky, and crazy to color. Which I did, with my Copics, after printing it on X-Press It BC:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: T2, T4, T6
Hat: T0, T1, T4, T6, T8, T10, E53, E55, E57, BG72, BG75, BG78
Goggles: E53, E55, E57, BG72, BG75, BG78
Jacket: BG72, BG75, BG78
Shirt collar/Ascot: T0, T1, T2

I must confess that I went out of my mind with my E50's. They are too gunky to work with anymore, even after cleaning and refilling. So I ordered new ones online, and altered the coloring a bit--I substituted other colors for areas that I had planned to make golden brown. Oh well...stuff happens, right? 

I added a bit of Pearl Pen to the image after Zutterizing it. I also Zutterized my DP, from the Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells collection. I paired that with Stampin' Up CS, which I also used to make several die cuts from the following dies:

LaLa Land Crafts Steampunk Corner
LaLa Land Crafts Wings
Cheery Lynn Gears
Cheery Lynn Steampunk Pocket Watch
Whimsy Ticket

My sentiment is from the Whimsy Ticket Notes set. And I believe that about does it. I chose this image for a good friend of ours, Ed, whose birthday is on the 17th. Wild that I have it done so far ahead of time, hey? 

Anyway, I do hope you check out all the fabulous creations by the SCACD Friends and DT! And be sure to look at the new digi images on the website. There are so many fun ones to choose from!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday and start to the new month! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Coloring Anything Goes/Christmas Twist Challenge

Hello, Peeps. It's Friday again and time for a new challenge at The Outlawz. This week we are challenging you to Anything Goes, with a Twist for Christmas, if you like. I am all about doing the Christmas cards, as time is getting verrrrry short to prepare for the holidays. We are almost to October, after all. Really? Truly. A little terrifying if you think about that too hard. So I won't. Anyway, go ahead and use any medium to color any image you want for this week.

We are sponsored this month by the inimitable Vera Lane Studio, home to really quirky images. Our randomly-selected participant will win one set of images. I used mine last week, and they were really fun to color. So be sure to get your entry in!

This week I chose a Make It Crafty image for my Christmas card. It is called Christmas Eve Countdown. He is an odd Santa, but perfect for a CAS card. I printed him on X-Press It BC and colored him with my Copics:
Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Trim/Hair: T0, T1, T2, T4
Suit: B34, B37, B39
Chimney: E08, E09, E18, T1, T4
Belt/Boots: T2, T4, T6, T8
Goggles/Ascot/Sack: T2, T4, T6, T8, YG41, YG45
Watch/Buttons: T2, T4, T6, YG41, YG45

I added a bit of DecoArt Glistening Snow Writer, MFT Fishtail Flags Stax die cuts, and Tim Holtz tiny staples. My DP is from the Docrafts Christmas in the Country collection; my CS is from Stampin' Up. And my fun sentiment is from Create with TLC.

NFL update: we went to the 49ers/Cardinals game on Sunday. So. Much. Fun. OMG! Can you tell we won? Yup, and our little section in the rafters was very happy at the end. I will say, you really get your money's worth if you attend a Cardinals game these days. We are 3-0 right now and are having a bye week. Which is a really good thing, as several of our players are already banged up. They need the time to heal up. And the Cards head to Denver for their next game. Gary wanted to go up there for the game, but I really didn't. So we will watch from home and go to the next home game on October 5th. That gives me time to recover my voice, doncha know. (I am still one of the main screamers in my section. And I wear ear plugs so I can't hear myself. Hardeharhar. I do feel a wee bit sorry for the peeps around me, but they could wear ear plugs, too. So there.)

Things are moving very slowly on the pool front. But at least we got a really good appraisal and we passed our termite inspection. Yay! Still have not picked a pool builder, but are narrowing the selection down. We are currently looking at travertine pavers in lieu of acrylic lace decking. Of course, that's another luxury that we may not opt for. Will post here when we have decided on the main features, other than water, which is seems a bit necessary.

I have almost finished book seven of the Outlander series. I think I will settle down a bit after I finish it. Maybe not read for a week or two. Hmmmmm, so says the addict. Best laid plans and all that. I only have a bazillion books downloaded to my tablet--I keep getting the free ones. I think I have become an ebook collector. But at least they don't take up space in my house or need dusting. There is that.

Hope you all check out the fabulous creations by my talented teammates: Carla, Dawn, Kathi, and Laine. And then play along with us--easy peasy with an AG challenge! Looking forward to what you create!

We are headed to our older granddaughter's track meet tomorrow. She is doing so well in distance running, and it has been really good for her! Go, Kelsey!!! Then Gary will finish out the Diamondbacks season tickets on Saturday and Sunday with his friends. And I get to do whatever I want. Wonder what kind of trouble I can get myself into...

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Coloring Color/Photo Inspiration Challenge

It must be Friday if I am posting again. Yes, my weekly post. Can't seem to get myself to make extra cards now, or write up extra posts. But I am faithfully here on Fridays, so you can set your calendars to that.

We are sponsored this month by Vera Lane Studio, which is home to really quirky, cute images. Our randomly-selected participant will win one set of images. Vera is offering a coupon special through September 24th for 10% off. Use the following code: TRYVERA10. 

I am using my Vera Lane Joyful set this week for our challenge: a color/photo inspiration. I love the colors here, don't you? 

I printed my images on X-Press It BC, and colored them with my Copics and Twin Touch Brush markers:  

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E41, E43, E47
Dress/Stockings/Birds: TTYR26, TTY36, YR21, BG02, BG05, BG07

I didn't incorporate any DP in this design, just Stampin' Up CS. And my Joyful sentiment was edged with SU ink. Wow, talk about CAS for me, huh? Not even one die cut. Will wonders never cease.

Our Cardinals barely squeaked out another win last week against the Giants. I have to say, it is getting almost embarrassing to be an NFL fan, with all the ugly stuff that has come out in the last couple of weeks. Good grief, Charlie Brown. And one player is even on our roster, darn it all anyway. Had hoped we would have better-behaved players than that. Heavy sigh...

Nonetheless, I am excited to go to the game on Sunday. Hopefully, it will be well-played, with the Cardinals being victorious.  Have you got any fun plans for the weekend?

We are getting our bids in for the pool. And Gary is having a splendid time going through them with a fine-tooth comb. It appears we were a little too optimistic about some of the design features. Will have to cut some to meet our budget. Not like our last pool, which was pretty sophisticated in its time. But, what I really want is a pretty pool with plenty of room to swim in. And some nice patio surfaces with lots of room for chairs. I'll have to take before and after photos. (Perhaps even some during construction, which I am looking forward to like a dental visit. Messy it will be. And noisy. My two least favorite conditions. Oh well....)

Do stop by the challenge to check out the fab designs by my talented teammates: Carla, Dawn, Kathi, and Laine! And then color something up using our color/photo inspiration and play along with us. Remember, you can use any coloring medium! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Coloring Hats Challenge/RK's Birthday Card

Goodness me, it's Friday again. Time for another new challenge, and this week we are celebrating Make a Hat Day, (September 15). So get out whatever your coloring medium is, color up a hat--or a character wearing a hat--and play along with us!

We are sponsored this month by Vera Lane Studio, home to fun, quirky images. Our randomly-selected participant will win one set of images. And I will be using my set later this month. Vera is offering a coupon special through September 24th for 10% off. Use the following code: TRYVERA10

Before I go into my card, I must give you an update of our trip to the Cardinals Monday Night game at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The night before the game our "Valley of the Sun" was deluged with rain. Rain, rain, and more rain. More rain than we had had since the 1930's. Holy moly, Rocky! Freeways were flooded, to say nothing of the streets; schools were closed; general mayhem rained, or, reigned, whatever. We were worried that we couldn't get to the stadium.

Ah, but never fear. We dropped Donovan the dog at my sister's around 1:00 p.m. on the way to the downtown Phoenix Westin, where we were staying after the game. We checked in, put our luggage in our room, and took off for Glendale, northwest of Phoenix. (The stadium is about an hour from our house in Gilbert.) We avoided the freeway, though by that time I think it was fairly clear. We got out there so early, (about 3:00), that we had to kill some time at Gordon Biersch, because we couldn't get into the stadium until 5:30. One very so-so Margarita and a couple of appetizers later, we drove to the parking area. Since we were so early, we parked in an area closer to the sidewalk than we normally do. Which led to us being lost after the game--we went to the wrong sidewalk in the dark and couldn't find our car. We spent a half hour looking and finally told stadium personnel that our car had been stolen. Then a nice policeman drove up, asked us a couple of questions about where we had entered the parking lot, and proceeded to take us to another parking area, by a different sidewalk. Lo and behold, there was our car. (It's hell getting old and confused.) To top off the experience, we got wet as it began to rain again while we were searching for our "stolen" car. Yeah. Not cool. Well, actually, it was kinda chilly, come to think of it. We didn't get back to our hotel until midnight. And pretty much collapsed into bed.

The next day we both thought we were coming down with colds. No, it was just damaged throats from yelling during the game. On the bright side, the Cardinals made it another really exciting game. On the even brighter side, they won by one point. So it was worth sore throats, getting wet, and losing the car in the parking lot. Can hardly wait for the next game in town!!! (We'll need to check the parking lot numbers to help remember where we park!)

Okey dokey, on to my card. I needed a card for a friend of ours--he was celebrating his 52nd birthday. I figured that Make It Crafty Mad Hatter would be a good "hat" image to use for a guy. (And, btw, he did love his card.) 

I printed the image on X-Press It BC and colored it with my Copics:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E21, E25, E29
Hat: N4, N6, N9, B32, B34, B37, B39
Teapot/Cup: N0, N2, N4
Goggles: N2, N4, N6, G21, G24, G28
Shirt: N2, N2
Pants/Bow Tie: B32, B34, B37, B39
Jacket: B32, B34, B37, B39, G21, B24, G28
Vest: G21, G24, G28
Shoes: N0, N2, N4, N6, N9

I chose Bo Bunny Zip-a-dee-doodle DP, paired it with Stampin' Up CS, and Zutterized it. I Zutterized the image and distressed it with SU ink. My sentiment came from TLC, and I made die cuts, using the following dies:
Memory Box Typewriter Upper
MFT Always Time for Tea
Cheery Lynn Mini Playing Cards

I finished the card with my tiny stapler, some baker's twine, and an SU Tea Time Trinket. So that's it!

Oh, forgot to mention that I had my physical yesterday--my first as an official senior citizen. And my doctor is very happy with me--my BP was good, my weight has gone steadily down for two years, and I passed the dementia test. He rewarded me by giving me a pneumonia shot and a prescription to get a shingles shot. And still have to have: a mammogram, my fav; a bone density test; and my new favorite, a colonoscopy. Yippee...

I shall practice for my mammogram by lying down on the garage floor and letting Gary drive the car over my boobs a few times. Or else I will run them through a wringer washer. Can't wait. 

That's it from the birds and bugs. Do check out the fab creations by my talented teammates: Carla, Dawn, Kathi, and our newest member, Laine! (And a big welcome to Laine!) Then join us, won't you? 

And have a wonderful weekend!