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Stamptacular Sunday "I DO!" Challenge and Our Anniversary Card

This week’s challenge is going to be so much fun!  We can’t wait to see what you create!
This week's challenge is a…
“I DO!”

For this week's challenge you will create a card or project for a wedding or anniversary! But, please don’t forget to stamp! After all…we don’t call this the STAMPtacular Sunday Challenge for nothing!      
You will have from now until midnight (EST) March 23rd, 2012 to complete this challenge and post a DIRECT LINK to your submission into our InLinkz in order to be entered into the drawing for this week's fabulous prize donated by:
PRIZE:  Winner’s Choice of 7 Digis!

Another really great prize given out on Stamptacular Sunday Challenge! Will look forward to seeing the entries for this! 

I have had an interesting week. Translation: some of it really sucked. Like the part where I went to the dentist and found out I have two teeth with root problems. So I am headed to an endodontist for a consultation and diagnosis. Oh, joy.

I may need a retrograde filling in one of them. Now I have had this done. Back in 1967. On the tooth next to the one in question. And it WAS. NOT. FUN. Sorry for yelling. (At least I didn't use red lettering!) Some sadist cuts through the front of your mouth, and then drills through your skull to get at the root tip. It is such a jarring sensation. Nothing like normal dental work, believe me. You think your entire skull is going to crack apart. (Which, in my case, might not be such a bad thing.) Back in '67 they packed my root with amalgam. That means I have mercury inside my head. (And you wonder why I have, let us say, certain brain difficulties. Like remembering stuff. No, it's not because I am old. It's because I have mercury in my head. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.) 

So that's a possibility. The other would be pulling the tooth and then going through the fun of getting an implant. My sister just got two of them, and it took nearly a year to get that done. Oh, goody. I can't wait.

The second tooth is giving me some problems now. I get sharp pains when I bite down on it. (So, Penny, don't bite down on it. Duh!) My dentist says it may have a crack and need a root canal. Or if the crack extends into the root, I may need the tooth pulled and then an implant. Sigh...

So, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to the endodontist I go, hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho. I really must apologize to my peeps who have really serious health issues facing them. I know that this is just my mouth, and it's not life-threatening. And I must apologize to my sister, who just went through nearly a year of hell getting her teeth fixed. However, this is just not the kind of news you want to hear when you go to get your teeth cleaned. Especially if you are afraid of dental work. Which I am, even though I have had a lot of it. Hey, if it walks like a chicken and clucks like a chicken, it must be a chicken. Bwaaaaaaaack!

So, the other fun stuff this week was that our printer starting conking out on us. It was giving us lines and blotches suddenly. And it took the opportunity to do so when it printed on my very expensive Copic paper. Whaaaaaat? So I cleaned the printer, several times, and still it was acting up. No problem, I can get by without a printer. Not. (All my DT images are digital and have to be printed out.) Help. me.

I didn't have time for Gary to do his usual hours and hours of research before making a purchase. (He does have an engineering background--need I say more?)
Miracle of miracles, my sweet sugar-daddy told me to go ahead and order a new printer. The one we had was maybe 8 or so years old. Which is actually a pretty long life for a printer. But it was slow as molasses. Which drove Gary bonkers. (And he didn't have far to go for that, believe me.) So I actually think Gary was glad that we needed a new printer. It gave him an excuse to get a faster one. 

I did have two days worth of down-time--which didn't help much with getting DT assignments done. Yeah, I am a bit behind, but will catch up again soon. I hope. I did get my dies organized and labelled. Now I don't have to look through each magnetic folder to see what's inside. 

Oh, and I had to set up the printer when I got it, because Gary was bowling that night. And, of course, I screwed up something with our wireless router and our modem. I had to get the modem reset by our internet provider. Lo and behold, the internet refreshes faster now. So that was a bit of a blessing in disguise. And Gary fixed the wireless router, so we are good to go now. Whew! Technology is so much fun.

'K, enough BS. I will now get to my card, which I made for our anniversary. That isn't actually until May 9. But the only other anniversary before then is my sister's, and I didn't want her to see the posting of her card. So I made one for Gary instead. He never reads my blog, so he won't see it ahead of time. I'm sneaky that way. Well, I am sneaky in a lot of ways. But we won't go into that now. I just hope I remember in May that I already made a card for Gary--you know, 'cuz that mercury is messing with my brain!

I chose MayzyArt Tango. This is so perfect for Gary. We used to dance a lot. Took lessons and everything. When we lived in the retirement community we were in a couple of talent (really?) shows. And we did a routine our dance teacher gave us for the first show. Which went surprisingly well. But then came the next show and we choreographed our own tango routine. Uh-oh. Let's just say I get nervous ahead of performing, but then perform fine. Gary is fine before performing, but nervous during. And he had brain-freeze in one performance. So we did a bit of stumbling about before finding the steps again. Hence, the sentiment I came up with for this card.

(And, fyi, there were two other times that Gary had trouble at the end of other routines. He got so upset that I said we had to quit performing in public. It was too hard on his ego. So now we just dance for fun. Takes all the stress out of it!)

I printed 'Tango' on Make It Colour Blending Card, and then colored it with my Copics: 
                        Skin: E000, E00, E11, E21, R20, R22
                        Hair: Y21, YR23, E33, E35
                        Shoes & Dress: BV11, BV13, BV17
                        Shoes & Shirt:  YR21, YR23, YR24, YR27
                        Slacks: E23, E25, E27, E29 
                       And a touch of B32 for the eyes

The image was fussy-cut and mounted on DP from the Bo Bunny Weekend Market Collection, which had been paired with Stampin' Up CS. I added a bit of lace and some die cuts. I used the following dies:  SCACD Alice's Clock Statement Corner and Classic Timepiece; Memory Box Graceful Chandelier; Spellbinders Classic Circles. That's it for me.

Hope you are having a great weekend! Do check out the wonderful cards by my talented teamies!

And I was encouraged to enter this into The Corrosive Challenge, which went live today also. And so I did--thank you, Linda!


  1. So you have hidden talents Penny!! It must be lovely to be able to dance.
    Your card is stunning, the perfect image coloured so beautifully. I love the detailing and gorgeous papers too.
    hugs Sue xx

  2. This is fabulous, Penny! Your coloring and design are awesome! Love the couple and all the great diecuts! Sorry about the dental work.

  3. Penny - you make the coolest cards - this one is especially cool - love everything about it (P.S. - I don't like going to the dentist either and cause quite the fuss when I get there)

  4. fab card Penny! love the combo and gorgeous image! fab design

  5. It is a fabulous card Penny. You need to enter it at the Corrosive Challenge which is Just Dancing. It is also sponsored by Mayzy. Great job on your card design and always awesome with your coloring. So sorry about all the expected dental work. I would have to consider just pulling and an implant I think!!!

  6. Hi Penny, this is super. Love the image and the dies are fab (wish I could get my leg that high lol)
    Hope the dental work isn't too much of an ordeal hun.
    Hugs Sue W.

  7. What an adorable card with an awesome sentiment!!! Gary will LOVE it!!! So sorry to hear about your dental issues :( It is nearly impossible to pump yourself up for something like that. I will pray that the entire experience ends up being more on the less painful side...yes, I will pray HARD!!! Glad the printer is straightened out though :) For a world that is so technologically advanced, modems and routers are completely UN-user friendly. I think they secretly have little gremlins inside wreaking havoc whenever an opportunity presents itself ;)
    Love and hugs to you my DT Sistah!!!

  8. Penny, love your card! It is great that Gary would dance with you. All of our kids are BIG into dancing; however, I could never get my husband to dance with me and now he has problems walking d/t his cancer. Sorry to hear about the dental work - that is why I hate going there also. We must be on the same wave because I just replaced my printer the other week also. So I hear your frustration. Hope St. Patrick's Day is good to you and maybe you will find your pot of gold. hehe

  9. I'm not even going to think about your dental work (poor you!) as I'm a complete and utter dental-phobe!!! Moving on quickly to your fab card - love anything with a "Keep Calm" sentiment (proud to be British and all that!!) and the dancing couple, obviously based on you two, is just such fun! Great card that must bring back some amusing memories :)

  10. Stunning card Penny!! another beauty!
    Good luck on the dental work!! never fun!! I had it a few weeks ago, not nice.

  11. Wow, this is awesome. Love your coloring and the sentiment is a total match with the image. Beautifully done! Thank you for joining us at the Corrosive Challenge this week.

  12. Just love the collage of different papers and the layout of those awesome images. This card is just darling and love the sentiment. I find this so interesting with the use of time and you nailed it. So sorry about your dental work.. I hope everything worked out for you, it is no fun at all.
    Hugs, Patricia

  13. First of all, going to the dentist is fun when you meet a dear friend!! SO much laughing going on...I really wanted to give you a hug before you will like the endodontist--he is super nice! Second, if the guy on your card is supposed to be Gary, welll, let's just say that the guy on the card has slightly more hair than Gary! But the lady on the card--perfect match!!!! LOL :) Hugs to you!!

  14. Goodness, this is amazing- I love the image- beautifully colored- love the sentiment in the clock die- wow! I am not fond of going to the dentist- painful to even think of it....

  15. Eek. Your dental work sounds scary. I HATE the dentist since I've had some sub-par work that needed replaced. So I feel for you. I hope that they were wrong and that just brushing more will fix it.

    Thought it's nice to have an excuse like mercury-induced brain fog to use for a variety of issues.

    I absolutely adore your card. Great image, colored beautifully. Your fussy-cutting is fabulous too. I love the papers you layered and your die cut use.

  16. What a lovely card! You created an amazing scene for this pair, and your sentiment is perfect! Thank you for joining our Corrosive Challenge this fortnight.
    Ruza, CDT


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