Monday, July 8, 2013

The Outlawz Greetings Card Cookie Theme Challenge

Ah, another Monday. Aren't we all just thrilled? Well, I am, because it means I'm still on this side of the dirt, which is a good thing. Plus, I don't have to go to work, so Monday is no different than any other day. Except that it is the day for a new Outlawz Greetings Card challenge. And this week, the focal point is cookies. Who doesn't like cookies? I know for a fact that Santa does, and since I needed to get started on Christmas cards, I picked Bugaboo Gus Got Cookies? for my image. Yes, we are once again being sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps:

I am running a little late writing my post. I had a really busy 4-day weekend. Celebrating my birthday, doncha know. We had such a good time during our "staycation" at The Phoenician, where Gary took me on the 4th. We ate at J&G Steakhouse there for my birthday dinner, and I had some wonderful lobster. (Not as good as the lobster I had at JG's restaurant, Cafe Martinique, in the Bahamas. But then this lobster didn't just jump out of the ocean. Well, that lobster probably didn't voluntarily leave the Caribbean, either, but someone did nab him for my meal. And I thank that person profusely.)

Anyway, when we arrived at the resort, the man at The Phoenician gate told me Happy Birthday. So I accused Gary of setting me up, and he said he honestly didn't tell them it was my birthday. Apparently, when you are a Gold member of SPG, they pay attention to those details. For I was also told Happy Birthday by the parking valet, the desk attendant, the hostess at J&G, my waitress at J&G, and the guy giving me water at J&G. They comped our dessert, too, and gave me a birthday card. Oh, I forgot to mention that the pianist played "Happy Birthday" as we walked into the resort lobby. Crazy. And, when we were out exploring the resort grounds, (in the lovely 105-degree heat--are we crazy?), the management left a half-dozen chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne in our room. Geesh! They do know how to make you feel important there, that's for sure! 

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that before going to the resort, I asked Gary to stop at Chico's. I had a $10 birthday gift card from them that I wanted to use toward a pair of earrings. Because I forgot to wear any. And I felt vulnerable, as in naked, without earrings. And, of course, Gary took me to Chico's, where he bought me more than earrings. He also got me a new skirt and three new tops to wear with it. I am so lucky. And so spoiled. Happy sigh...

Did you see fireworks on the 4th? We did, from the comfort of our table at J&G. A really beautiful display. And didn't have to be in the heat to enjoy it. Still spoiled, aren't I?

On Friday we ate breakfast at the resort and then I dared to ask Gary to take me to Glendale--which is quite a distance from the resort. But it is even farther from our house, so I thought I could save time by going there from Scottsdale. And did he oblige me? Well, of course he did! But he asked if we could visit Pier One first, to find a couple of decorator items for our great room. I wasn't sure what we would find there, but I said sure! 

And then we ended up at Copenhagen. Which is where he wanted to go, but couldn't remember the right name. Funny. I never do things like that. Well, at least not between the hours of midnight and six a.m.

So we found four wonderful pieces of turquoise glass to add to our shelving unit. Three vases and one very cool fish. But wait. There's more! Gary spied a bedroom set that he fell in love with. As in, he had to have it. Really? Yup, really. He hates the one we have so much. (It was inexpensive, but modern. So it fit with our modern home that we bought in 2010. But he has never been happy with it.) A new bedroom suite was the LAST thing I expected to buy that day.

Well, technically we didn't buy it that day. We reserved it. So we could wait until we got home on Saturday to measure the pieces we already had. That way we would know what could replace them. So we actually bought the set Sunday. I think I am still in shock. Mind you, this new furniture is exceptionally pretty, and will look fabulous in our room. But it was not something I ever anticipated getting.

After our Copenhagen experience, we went to The Occasional Artist in Glendale. Barbara Thompson, on our DT, told me about the shop. She had gotten the cutest eyeglass trinkets there. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have the eyeglasses. Fortunately, there were lots and lots of other trinkets to choose from. So I basically got one or two or five of each. Gosh, that was fun. And Gary was right there, patiently waiting for me to spend more of his money. Yes, I know. I repeat: I am so spoiled. 

Then we stopped at Kiss the Cook and had a yummy lunch--I had a wonderful spinach salad and Gary had a sandwich he really liked, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. After that we went back to the resort and got a glass of wine and read our books. Just chillin'.

Later we met my sister, Merrilyn, and BIL, Ron, at Tarbell's for dinner. OMGosh! What a fabulous meal we had there! Had wonderful kale chips and pepper poppers for appetizers. Ooooh! Soooo good! And then Gary, Ron and I each had the fresh catch, halibut, (so yummy), while Merrilyn had salmon that she loved. And then we were all bad and had dessert. At least we shared them with our respective spouses, so we weren't totally naughty. (G & I had peach melba, that was at least partially good for us. Yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

And, on Saturday, we ate breakfast at the hotel again--this time I had the most wonderful Eggs Benedict. Oooh, I'd get those again in a heartbeat. And then we read for a while before checking out. Guess what we did after that? If you thought, more shopping, you're a winner! Of nothing. Sorry. But at least you were right!

Yes, we went to another Copenhagen store to look around. And then to another Chico's so Gary could get me another outfit. See, there was a skirt at the first Chico's that was really cool. But they didn't have my size. And the second Chico's did. So, Gary had to buy it. Honestly, I didn't ask for it. He wanted to give it to me. The skirt was a bit too long, so I told him that it would either need hemming, or I would need new heels to wear with it. So, off to Macy's we went to buy shoes. Do you believe this story? I don't, and I lived it! I got some cute shoes at Macy's that will go so well with the skirt/top. 

Why do I mention this outfit? Because....Gary also is gifting me with another wine dinner at Kai this Tuesday. Yup. Part of my birthday present. And he wanted me to have new clothes to wear for all my birthday meals. (I am giggling right now--wouldn't you be?) Btw, we are riding to and from Kai in a limo. Yes, so that if we imbibe too much wine we will still get home safely. And I have never ridden in a limousine. Ever. What fun! It's part of the Kai treatment this year. 

OK, so after Macy's we went to The Breadfruit for dinner in downtown Phoenix. Quaint little place with really good food. Had the most wonderful Pina Colada evah! I swear! If you love them go try one at The Breadfruit. You won't be sorry! For dinner I had the fresh catch, which was Alaskan Salmon. Oh, wow, was it fresh and delicious--cooked Jamaican jerk style, so it was a bit spicy, but, so yummy! Gary had the jerk pork, which he loved. Lo and behold, we were good and did not have dessert! Saturday ended with a Diamondbacks game. Which I didn't expect them to win, as badly as they played on their recent road trip. But they not only won, they annihilated the Rockies, 11-1. Wow! What a pleasant surprise! 

On Sunday we went to our DGD's 11th birthday party--it was a lot of fun! Good to catch up a bit with family members. Our DD fixed several delicious vegetarian dips, with chips and/or veggies. Also she bought a really good cake! And our GD, Kelsey, is so growing up! A bit scary, but also cool. And that, Ladies and Germs, was my birthday weekend. To be continued...

So, on to my card for the week. It was printed on MICBC and colored with Copic and Twin Touch Brush markers:

Skin: E000, TTR131, TTYR133, TTR139
Belt, Shoes: C6, C7, C9
Cookie: E53, E55
Ornament & Cookie Jar: G21, G24, G28
Suit: R24, R29, R59
Ornament: Y26, Y28
Gloves, Shadow: C0, C1, C3

I used Liquid Applique for his hair and suit trim, Diamond Glaze for his glasses, Wink of Stella Brush Clear and Gold for his belt buckle and ornaments, and Pearl Pen around the image. I mounted the image on Stampin' Up CS. And there you have it. My first Christmas card of 2013. I'm on a roll.

Do check out the other creations by my talented teamies! And then go get your cookie on! Have a great week!


  1. Ooh the food sounds so yummy. I love eating at good restaurants too. Sounds like yet another wild and crazy and totally fun adventure of Penny!

    The fantastic! I seriously love your red shading and the pearl accents are so pretty.

  2. fab card enny love the one layer card

  3. Gorgeous Christmas creation. Shame this poor Santa really looks over worked - sure do hope there is some cookies for him/her. Well then, it seems like the secret is to take your hubby for some ear ring shopping to score some lovely new outfits!
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Fabulous card Penny, such a fun image and your colouring is wonderful.
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Cute card Penny, love that image!!
    And I promiss you, If i ever come near your town, I will ask you where I should go for lunch/diner!!
    You can describe it sooo nice, can almost taste it :-D

  6. Penny, Fantastic CAS card, your Santa is too funny. Love how you did the snow falling. Now I'm hungry. Glad you had a good time.
    Hugs, Pat

  7. What an awesome birthday weekend and an awesome hubby. Sounds like he knows how to treat his wife. You are a lucky lady but I am sure you deserve this special treatment. Your card is fabulous! I love it and love the fact that you did a CAS card. I'm not sure I've seen one on your blog before, but it is such a great card. I love it.

  8. Penny, your card is totally fun. Love that liquid appliqué stuff. Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hi Penny,
    your CAS card is so nice! I love the funny image!
    Seems you had a wonderful weekend!! :)

  10. Good morning sweetie, this is absolutely stunning, Huggles Pops x x x

  11. Wow! Your birthday weekend sounds like it was big fun! Your hubby spoils you, but you deserve it!

    Your card is fabulous. I love the CAS design, though I'm a bit surprised by the lack of any die cuts. :D

    Santa is really cute and colored beautifully. I love the addition of the pearl pen around him. It's the perfect finishing touch!

  12. Loved ready about your weekend exploits Penny - you should post a picture of your new furniture once you get it in your home. Great card - when I read the "cookies" theme, I said to myself, "What would I do with that one?" Your card is just so cute! Big hugs to you!

  13. Wow, sounds like you had a fabulous time!! How lovely - a food fest and shopping spree, wonderful :) Another great blog read to enjoy and a perfect CAS card to boot! But now I need a cookie, thanks for that!!

  14. Okay so I have been a seriously bad girl. Huge congrats on your birthday and I know that you had an awesome celebration.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  15. Penny, Happy belated Birthday! Gotta tell you after reading your food/travel journal, I was disappointed that you stopped and shared your card, LOL! Not because it wasn't awesomely cute, just that I am living through your adventures!


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