Friday, October 24, 2014

The Outlawz Friday Coloring Make a Scene Challenge

Yup, another week, another Friday, another challenge. Brought to you by our sponsor this month, Karleigh Sue Digis. And our randomly-selected participant will win a $10 GC to this fun, unique shop. I hope our winner enjoys shopping for such cute images!

Where to start with an update on the Mulls...well, first of all, I had to get rid of the graham cracker crumbs Gary left on the keyboard. Can't stand typing in grit...

OK, so we were supposed to be in Cancun this week for a mini-vacation. But we are not. For various reasons: like there are thunderstorms all week down there. Didn't think that would be especially fun to deal with. I mean, I don't want to try snorkeling in a thunderstorm--or even walking on the beach, for that matter. Then there is the work on the pool. (Which we didn't want to be gone during--and we had originally figured they couldn't start until after we got back--wrong. There has been so much done--enough that we needed to be here for decisions.) But, and here's the kicker reason, and it kicked me right in my gut: Donovan got sick. As in so, so sick with vomiting and diarrhea. Oh, joy, huh?

It started last Friday night. Puking all night long. He and I finally laid down about 4:30 a.m. for a couple of hours. And then I took him in to our vet. Where they gave him some sub-cutaneous fluids, anti-nausea meds, and did a barium study to see if there was blockage. They also did prelim blood tests, which showed an elevated level of lipase from his pancreas. The barium was sluggish to move through him, but it did, finally, which should indicate that there is no blockage problem, but that he has pancreatitis. Which causes vomiting and diarrhea. And you just have to wait the attack out. With some meds to sooth his digestive tract, and to fight a possible bacterial infection.

He took a turn for the worse on Monday night, so we went to the ER vet. And they also gave him a shot for nausea and took blood for more definitive testing. The testing came back with slightly elevated levels indicating pancreatitis, but no other problems. Thank goodness! Of course, he had to have another bad night Tuesday--you know, just to keep me on my toes. And I was ready to take him in to the vet again for another anti-nausea shot, but he rallied Wednesday morning. Was hungry for some yogurt. And then we cooked ground turkey and rice and he ate that with no problems! Ate fine all during the day. No nausea, no icky pooping. YAY!!!!

Awakened Thursday with him acting so completely like himself, right down to the chase-and-spin game he likes to play on our bed in the morning. He hadn't done that for over a week. I am soooo relieved. His weight feels sooooo much better, too! Oh, the power of prayer...

Here's how fast they are moving on our pool. They laid it out last Thursday and yesterday they filled it with shotcrete. My head is spinning. Literally. I have to grab it to keep it from flying off my body. I have never heard of pool construction moving so quickly. Gary, bless him, has been taking photos of all the phases, so I'll show you those on a future post.

FYI, there has been a party going on this week at The Outlawz. And I have not been participating, sadly. I thought I was going to be gone, and instead have been too busy/frazzled to do much of anything. Not even comment on blogs. So, if you haven't received any comments from me this week, rest assured that if you regularly comment here, I will be back to reciprocate. ASAP, I promise.

My card this week is fairly simple. Just a cute image, Jellypark Skating Polar Bears, (printed on X-Press It BC and colored with Copics), and some die cuts. The dies used were Cheery Lynn Merry Christmas, Cheery Lynn Nautical Wheeler Doily, and LaLa Land Crafts Christmas Tree.
Bears: C00, C0, C2, C3
Skates: C1, C3, C5
Scarves/Trees: G21, G24, G28
Sky/Ice/Snow: BG0000, BG000, BG01, BV0000

Oh, yeah, and my cardstock is from Stampin' Up.

Do stop by and check out all the wonderful creations by my teammates: Carla, Kathi, Laine, and our guest designer this month, Joan LaBelle. (Dawn is on a bit of a break.) And then color up an image, using any coloring medium, and be sure to include a scene in your creation this week! Am looking forward to you playing along with us!

We are headed to the Cardinals game on Sunday if all continues to go well with Donovan. It will be good for me to get some screaming in after this week, don't you think?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Fabulous and fun creation Penny. Love those bears. Sounds like a very busy week. Glad you are all now OK.

  2. This is gorgeous Penny, such a delightful image, stunning colouring and wonderful design.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. oh fun card, love that image

  4. What a week you have had!!! It's so awful when your pet is ill...not only do you worry yourself sick, you have to clean up all the mess!!! So glad poor Donovan has made a good recovery!
    Sounds as if the pool is progressing well, you'll soon be swimming in it!
    Your card is gorgeous , love the image, so cute, and the pine tree die cuts make such a perfect frame for the little scene, great idea to cut them up (I will be 'borrowing' this idea!!!)
    Hope the coming week is less traumatic! :)

  5. Hi Penny,
    wow, this is so brilliant! You coloured the icebears so fantastic, I can`t colour "white" things very well :(
    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  6. Sounds you have had such fun from both ends this week Penny!!! So pleased Donovan is back to his usual self.
    Sounds like it wont be long before you will be able to laze around in your pool.
    Your bears are adorable and look to be having so much fun. They are beautifully coloured and love your design.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  7. Penny, your card is adorable. Love that sun die cut. Great layout. You are lucky it was only graham crackers in the keyboard, but I'm with you in that one. Sorry to hear you have a sick one - that is no fun! Best wishes! Hope you can relax this weekend.

  8. Fabulous scene and adorable image. Did you know that polar bears actually travel with their babies on their backs?

  9. Lovely card

    Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog

    Happy Sunday

    Hugs from

    Bridie@BGPayne Crafts

  10. Super gorgeous creation sweetie, hugs Pops x x x

  11. I recognise that image Penny :D & what a fab card you've made with it Penny.

  12. Very cute card Penny, love your coloring on the polar bears,beautiful!!
    Glad to hear Donovan is better, they can be so poor, being sick!!
    Hope he stays this way!!

  13. Wonderful card- that bear is so sweet and I love the trees you added- so cool! Well, glad you prayed like crazy- your poor poochie. So good to hear the Pancreatitis resolved quickly! And, here's praying that he stays well so you can make it to your game on Sunday. We kinda gave up- our team is having such a bad year!!!

  14. I love the way you colored the bears, really nice brush stocks and it give the look like it is real fur, great job. Your scene is wonderful and the image is so much fun. Nice job creating you snow and love the trees. Have a great week.
    Hugs, Pat

  15. Goodness girl that is too much! So glad he got better! You made a gorgeous card, I love the bears skating together, buddies! Beautiful colors and background, love it!
    Sending you good wishes for a calm week!
    Hugs Kelly

  16. Gosh how I love, Love, LOVE this card and that image. You the bears perfectly and created a wonderful scene for them.

    Once again, I'm glad that I'm reading backwards (in time, otherwise it would be heck on the eyes and brain), so that I know that your precious pooch is okay. Don't you hate when our beloved pets take ill?


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