Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gary, WAKE UP!

Okey dokey. I have discovered that Gary is ridiculously oblivious. I mean, I cannot even believe how little he notices.

Case in point: last week I bought two new baskets for the open shelf above our pantry. We did have two woven wicker baskets on that shelf, and I felt they didn't look "modern" enough for our room. So I have been on the lookout for new ones. I just so happened to find some at Joann's on Thursday that are PERFECT! I just love them--they are woven turquoise fabric in a very modern style. The color matches the turquoise Fiesta vase I have on the counter across from the pantry. I put them up on Thursday and waited to see if Gary would notice. I was sure he would as they sit just above his eye level. Yeah, well, today is Tuesday, and he still has not spotted them.

Second case in point: yesterday I got the call that my new glasses were in. And it wasn't just any message. When I answered the phone, I was asked if I was "Giggles Mull." Guess my hysteria during my frame selection was remembered! Anyway, I was tickled to get the frames so soon, as I didn't expect them for another two weeks. After I got back home, Gary called me to ask me to meet him at Brio for dinner, and I did not mention my new glasses. I thought he would notice them as soon as he saw me. Not. After we were seated I kept looking at him, thinking he would be sure to notice the glasses if he looked at me again. Nope. And here's the kicker:  while he was looking at me, he actually asked me when my new glasses were due to come in. I could NOT believe it! I managed to keep a straight face as I mumbled something about them being due in a couple of weeks. I wonder how long it is going to take him to notice them. I will see. Hopefully, not as long as it is taking him to notice the new baskets!

I must admit I laughed several times last night about this. In front of him. But he never asked me what I was laughing about. That's how much attention he is paying to me these days. I think he is so caught up in work, the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, and Fantasy Football that his mind doesn't have time for anything or anyone else. OMG.

Anyway, I will be making another card soon--after I finish my last book of the Ice and Fire series. I must get done with that so I can read the first selection of the CMC Bookendz. Here's wishing everyone everywhere a great rest of the week. (And may your significant others be more observant than mine). LOL!


  1. Do I get to call you Giggles from now on?

    So I can kind of understand not noticing the baskets, as men aren't always terrible in tune with decor changes, but the glasses thing is weird.

  2. Sure, if you want. :^)

    Your father is preoccupied. Always.


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