Wednesday, August 10, 2011

He's Awake Now

Gary finally knows about my glasses. Not that he noticed by himself. No way. He suddenly remembered that he needed to submit the bill for my lenses to our flex account to get reimbursed. So he called Aztec Optical to ask for the bill. Then he called me and said, "When did you get your new glasses?" After laughing my butt off (oh, I only wish), I told him I had gotten them a week ago. Color him embarrassed. In fact, that's what he told me when he got home and looked at me. That he didn't want to say anything because he was really embarrassed. As well he should be, right?

I added insult to injury when I told him that I had bought something for the house two weeks ago, and he still hadn't noticed. So he sat on the sectional and looked around the room. Bless his heart, he did find the new baskets. About time, don't you think? Oh me, oh my. I will say he got the most sheepish expression on his face I have ever seen. :^) Oh, and when I mentioned that my sis, Merrilyn, said he owed me a big present, he just said, "Well, I'm taking you to Hawaii." Yeah, OK, that is a pretty big gift. And I do appreciate it a LOT. However, I will have this to hold over him for a quite awhile, methinks.

We had the granddaughters, Kelsey and Brynn, for the weekend. To give their parents a break, which I think all parents deserve from time to time. Gary was the ultimate grandpa. He took them to the pool twice a day, rented movies for them to watch, and played many games with them. I am not quite the game lover that he is, so didn't participate in all of the games, but did try a few. And one game, in particular, made me feel utterly stupid. It is based on the Harry Potter movies, which I haven't seen. Kelsey thought I would be good at the game since I had read all the books. Ah. Not. I didn't answer even one question right. It will be a cold day in hell before I try that one again. Gee, do I sound bitter?

So, something I ate really cleaned me out yesterday. That, or I had a 24-hour bug. I wasn't feeling well for a couple of days, but it felt more like a cold coming on than anything else. All I can say is--thank heavens for Imodium A/D! I feel like a new person today. My stomach did shrink, and I looked really thin sideways last night. But then I ate a couple of meals and I am back to my rounded look once more. Crap. No that was yesterday. Sorry. TMI.

I am going to get back to being creative any day now. I miss it a lot. I finished the Ice and Fire series and then read the Snow Flower book for the CMC book club. Now I need to make my Asian-themed card, and I will be ready to rock and roll on other cards. Hopefully for challenges. We shall see. But I will get a start on this tomorrow. For sure. No, really. I mean it.

Wishing everyone everywhere a happy Thursday! Btw, are your significant others more observant than mine? :^)


  1. I'm so glad that's all settled with Dad knowing about the glasses so you don't have to wonder anymore when he'll notice.

    Thanks again for taking the girls for that weekend! They had a great time. (And I also loathe that Harry Potter game. I told Kelsey I'll play it with her again now that I've seen a couple of the movies, but I doubt I'll do much better than the other time I tried it.)

  2. He keeps asking me, 'Hey, did you get new glasses?' In fact, he did it again last night at dinner. :^)

    You are welcome! We'll do it again in the fall after our trip.

  3. LOL about him asking that question again and again. Over and over. Repeatedly. :)

    And thanks so much for offering to do it again after your trip! That's really nice of you both!

  4. You are welcome! (My mother always said to say that after a thank-you).


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