Friday, January 31, 2014

Jellypark Friends Lots of Love Challenge/Gary's Valentine

I'm baaaaack. Too bad Friday is the only day my DT's post. I clearly didn't think that one through, did I? Story of my life. But it's been a fairly long life so far, so there is that.

I forgot to mention on my previous post that Gary cleaned all of our windows last weekend in preparation for our Super Bowl party. Nearly knocked me over with a feather, I'll tell ya. Even more exciting is that he got out and cleaned up his yard, too. Notice I say "his yard". Because it is. I spend virtually no time out there. After all, it is not on a beach. I cannot hear the ocean. So what's the point? (Insert your own version of shock here.)

I do love the inside of our house, though. I spend most of my time here, unless I am out eating or shopping. 'Cuz you know how I love to do both of those. Although most of my shopping has been confined to the internet lately. It's so easy, isn't it? Yeah, well that's going to come to a screeching halt once Gary retires. Our retirement income just isn't going to stretch as far. I have to get that through my thick head before it happens!

I have been reading a lot lately. Some good, some bad. I just finished Eyewall, by H.W. Buzz Bernard, and I highly recommend that. It's a page turner, for sure! Before that I read some fairly funny and very entertaining mysteries by Cindy Blackburn. There are four of them in her Cue Ball Mysteries Series. The second and third books had me laughing until I cried. So if you like mysteries and humor, check them out.

My iPad seemed to die on me on Monday. Went black and didn't come back. It was the second time that's happened in the past few months. You have to hit both buttons at the same time to get it to restart. Also, when I am browsing on the web, it just drops the internet. Lovely. It does that frequently. The answer: power it completely off, then restart. Well, I am getting about tired of this. So, before Gary retires, I am going to get a new tablet. Maybe even next week. Who knows? I am checking out all the options right now. I don't think I want another iPad. Gasp! I know. Sacrilege, right? Well, I no longer have an iPhone, so I don't need to stick with Apple anymore. So there.

Have I bored you enough with my meaningless drivel? OK, then I guess I'd best get to my Jellypark Friends card for this fortnight. We have gotten so many entries lately--just fantastic! Keep entering! We love to see what you come up with for our challenges. This one is all about love. That's an easy-peasy one, huh?

I chose Nan and Grandad on Sofa for my image. I wanted to make a Valentine for Gary for this challenge, and "Grandad" looks a lot like him. (Gary shaves his head and wears glasses.) Nan doesn't look so much like me, except she does wear glasses. (Don't we all at my age.) I think this image is really cute, and it was definitely fun to color!

I printed the image on MICBC and then colored it with my Copics and Twin Touch Brush markers:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: W0, W1, W2/Y21, YR23, E33, E35
Sweaters: BG53, B52, BG57/TTR131, TTR139
Dress: Y00, Y11, Y13 
Slippers: TTR131, TTR139
Shoes/Slacks: E53, E55, E57
Pillows: TTGY174, TTGY175

I paper-pieced the couch with my DP from the Basic Grey Hopscotch collection. I added a bit of shading to it with my Copic W2. The DP was paired with Stampin' Up CS. I added a bit of Washi tape and Tim Holtz Film Strip Ribbon, a Poppystamps Dachshund die cut, and a sentiment from the Stampin' Up P.S. I Love You set--punched out with a SU punch. And that's about it.

We have fabulous creations, by my talented teamies, for you to check out at our challenge blog. Please join us this fortnight! And have a great weekend! 

The Outlawz Alcohol Markers Anything Goes/Christmas Twist Challenge

And a good day to you, wherever and whenever you are! I am having lunch today with my sisters, Barbara and Merrilyn, so I expect to have a very good day. We are eating at Nordstrom Scottsdale Fashion Square. This will be a new one for me, but their menu looks really enticing. I imagine I'll be eating something delicious for lunch. For dinner, who knows? It's Friday, so just about anything can happen.

I am expecting to have a busy weekend--getting ready for our Super Bowl party and then having it. We decided on a chicken pasta salad, plus chips and dip for our portion. And, of course, there will be wines. Reds and whites. And coffee, for sure. Have to make those yummy cappuccinos, you know. If not for someone else, certainly for me! Sounds like we are going to have an interesting assortment of potluck. 

Today's challenge got me to make another card for Christmas 2014. I think I need to step it up a bit. One card a month is not going to cut it--but at least I am managing that much. I chose another fun AuroraWings image for my card, Christmas Owl. The artist, Mitzi Sato-Wiuff, is our January sponsor and is giving a $10 GC to a lucky, randomly-selected participant. Her images are fun to color as well as beautiful.

I printed my image on MICBC and then colored it with my Copics:

Owl: E41, E42, E43, E44, E47, E49
Beak/Feet: E33, E34, E35
Hat: R01, R27, R29, R59, W00, W0, W1
Mistletoe: E82, E94, E99, R01, R27, R29, R59

I added Frantage, both Shabby White and Aged Ivory, to the background. Then I Zutterized the image and my DP, which came from the Bazzill Basics Believe collection. I paired the papers with Stampin' Up CS. I finished the card with a Prima Junkyard Finding Vintage Trinket, some pearl string, a bit of mini lights, an owl charm, a Tim Holtz Journaling Ticket, lace, some WOC spiral stems, and a Cheery Lynn Pinwheel Doily die cut. (I had tried several renditions of this card; for some reason I couldn't find a design I liked. Nearly drove myself crazy. OK, OK, crazier. Lighten up, People.)

I am getting a bit exasperated with my camera. I have to monkey around so much in Photoshop with the pictures I take. I am not sure what I am going to do about that yet. But something has got to give.

I hope you check out the always varied and fabulous creations by Carla, Dawn, and Linda. And then join in the fun. You can color anything this week--with any brand of alcohol markers. See you at The Outlawz

Stay tuned for my second post today.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Outlawz Alcohol Markers Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Transportation) Challenge

Hey, our challenge this week is a mouthful, isn't it? Suffice it to say, you can use any form of transportation for your subject. Just be sure to color it with any brand of alcohol markers, OK?

Our sponsor this month is Mitzi Sato-Wiuff of AuroraWings. Love, love, love her fabulous images, which are so much fun to color! A randomly-selected participant will receive a $10 GC to Mitzi's Etsy store. I've said it all month--I wish I could play! Be sure to stop by to see her wonderful images!

I used a couple of AuroraWings images this month already, so I used a Jellypark Friends image this week. I think that Flying a Plane is just too stinkin' cute! And it fits perfectly into this challenge. 

But, before I get to my card description, I want to give you my report on last week's restaurant outing for our monthly dinner club. The person who chose the restaurant didn't show up to the dinner. Not sure why. But I know she missed a really fantastic meal, with a great group of peeps. We had so much fun, off-color naturally, with the gang that showed up Saturday night to Quiessence at the Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix. (Say that three times fast.)

I was upset last summer because I heard that this restaurant was closing, and we had never been to it. It is in a secluded spot in the middle of town. On a farm property. Well, fortunately, although the former chef left, the property owners got a new chef to carry on. And I do mean fortunately! I highly recommend a trip to Quiessence, as long as you realize you are going to a pricey place.

We thought you had to park outside the property, across 32nd Street. Au contraire! After walking a rather goodly distance in high-heeled suede boots, over gravel and then uneven grassy ground, (well, I had the boots on, not Gary), we noticed that there were cars parked by the restaurant at the back of the property. Naturally. So Gary went back to get our car since it was still daylight, and he didn't want to walk back to the car in the dark after dinner. I kept on going and, huffing and puffing, made it into Quiessence just before 6:00 p.m. Which was our reservation time. 

Our waiter escorted me to a small room at the back of the restaurant. We were now at the back of the back. No matter. It was a mighty good thing, as our party got really rowdy for three hours. You just can't keep a good crowd down, especially our dinner club. I would tell you all the double entendres, but I might start blushing. And, it would take too long. Suffice it to say, it started with RK ordering the bone marrow appetizer, and went from there.  

I ordered the Brussels Sprouts Salad for my first course. The leaves were individually pulled off the heads, and mounded into an artistic, pretty mountain of sprout leaves, pecorino, almonds, and pomegranate seeds, covered with a lemon olive oil dressing. Who knew? Such a tasty combination! I savored each bite--and yes, of course, I finished it all. Just scrumptious.

My main course was a pasta dish: Ricotta Cavatelli. The chef makes the pasta fresh each day, and it was succulent and tender. And the ingredients were other-worldly. Seriously. There were Chanterelle mushrooms, (I am an any-kind-of-shroom lover), pecorino again, thyme, and the most melt-in-your-mouth duck confit. I think I died and went to heaven eating that dish. And to think, I almost didn't order it! Crazy Penny. It was, in a word, magnificent. (Gary had this also, and loved it as much as I did! We'd go back, just for this dish, if nothing else.)

So, was Penny going to have dessert? Does a bear poop in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? Well, of course I had to have dessert. And I was not going to share with Gary. Which was fine with him, because he decided to be good and not partake in a sugary, fattening final course. He opted for a cappuccino instead. Which I had also. Naturally.

I asked our waiter, (who was greatly amused by us), what the best dessert was. He recommended the Chocolate Walnut pie. Hmmmm. Do I love chocolate? Check. Do I love walnuts? Check. Do I love the rest of the ingredients, like vanilla-bean whipped cream, caramel sauce, date marmalade, and candied orange peel? Check, check, check, and check. Now, I didn't feel too horribly guilty after eating this. (Although I did lick my plate clean.) (Just kidding.) Because the portion was very small. In my mind's eye, it was just right. Gave me a thrill to taste each bite, but didn't overstuff me. Poifect! I don't see how any of the other desserts could have been as good. Even though they sounded yummy, too.

I neglected to mention the two bottles of red wine we consumed. Among four of the eight diners. It was scrumptiously delicious. A fabulous blend. But, I forgot to get the name of the wine before we left. Terrible oversight, as I would love to have some again. It went perfectly with the pasta dish. I think Patty managed to take a photo of the label, so I will have to get in touch with her and find out what it was that we drank. Oh, and btw, since the dinner took about three hours, it was a nice, leisurely, fabulous meal. Punctuated with so much laughter. It was a great night.

Perhaps we did consume a bit too much wine. Because somehow Gary and I volunteered to host a Super Bowl potluck next Sunday. What were we thinking? Guess we weren't. Well, I have been stumped as to what to fix. But I am thinking a panini party. We'll see...more on that next week.

Oh, and also btw, we had our daughter, SIL, and grands over for brunch and cappuccinos on Sunday. It was a really fun meal. Everybody ate well. And I cooked. Scary, I know. I fixed a huge batch of cinnamon raisin bread pudding, and a large pan of roasted potatoes with bacon. We also had yogurt and fruit. Jon and Angela seemed to enjoy their coffee--I fixed them two cups each. We think we'll try to do this once a month now. As long as Gary cooks every other month. At least. I am kind of a one-trick pony. (And I performed my one trick.) 

Oh, we also spent some time in downtown Gilbert on Saturday--went to get coffee beans and ended up browsing the farmer's market and then ate at SoCal Fish Taco Company. We split the orders of shrimp and mahi-mahi tacos, which were reasonably priced and quite tasty. They were accompanied by really good rice and beans, so I was a happy camper. Do you get the feeling I ate well last weekend? Well, if you do, you would be right. Just sayin'.

Alrighty, on to my card for the week. I printed the boy flying a plane on MICBC and colored it with my Copics:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: Y21, YR24
Plane: T0, T1, T2, T4, T6, T8
Jacket/Hat: E40, E41, E42
Gloves/Scarf: E42, E43

A bit of Wink of Stella Brush Silver was added to his glasses, and then the glitter seemed to adhere to his entire head. Oh well...

I chose DP from the Carta Bella Well Traveled collection, Zutterized it, and paired it with Stampin' Up CS. I added die cuts using the following dies:
MFT World Traveler
Memory Box Typewriter Alpha Lower

Then I finished the card with a plane charm, baker's twine, Washi tape, and a Tim Holtz Adage Ticket. (I chose Sky Pilot, a song from the 60's, for my title. We had a cattery in the 80's called Mullodies. We named all of our cats after song titles. One of the first Persians that we bought was a blue male that we named Sky Pilot. I know you are thrilled for that bit of trivia.) OK, that's it. Rather long post for such a short card description, huh? 

Do check out the cool creations by my talented teamies, Carla and Dawn. And then join in the fun! 

Have a great weekend!

Friday Sketch #61 Challenge Reminder/Angela's Birthday Card

It's official. I am old. I must be, because I forgot to enter four challenges last week with my Outlawz card. Geesh! Oh, well...guess I wasn't supposed to enter them. Ya think?

So, today with my first post, I am reminding you to get your entries into our Friday Sketch #61 Challenge. Don't forget. Don't be an old-fart like me.

Our sponsor this fortnight is Tiddly Inks, which has some of the cutest images around. The winner will receive a $5 Gift Certificate. So get your entries in!

Tiddly Inks Acrylic and Digital Stamps

I promised a review of our dinner out last Saturday. And I will give you one--just not on this post. Check my second post today for that information, OK?

I chose a darling Tiddly Inks image, Hey There Cupcake, for this sketch:

I printed the image on MICBC, and colored her with my Copics:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E30, YR31, E33, E35
Dress: YG93, YG95, YG97
Shoes: G000, G00, BG11
Cupcakes: Y32, Y35, Y38, BG13, BG15, BG18

I added some Star Dust Stickles to the cupcake frosting, just because I could. And then a bit of Wink of Stella Brush Clear to her necklace. My color palette was taken from my DP: the Bo Bunny Key Lime collection. And I paired that with Stampin' Up CS. There are several die cuts on this card made from the following:

Lifestyle Nesting Doily Hearts
Lifestyle Heart Doily
Stampin' Up Sizzix Embosslits Beautiful Wings
Whimsy Corner 
Whimsy Mini Ticket

My sentiment is from the Whimsy Celebration Mini Ticket sentiment collection. I finished the card with some gemstone stickers. I hope my daughter likes this card next month. She is a year behind reading my blog, (yes, I said a year!), so I don't have to worry about her seeing this before her birthday. 

Do check out the wonderful work by my teammates at Friday Sketch. And then please join us in this challenge!

I will be back with my second post soon, you lucky ducks! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Outlawz Alcohol Markers Color Inspiration Challenge

Good Friday morning to you all. I am really excited for this weekend. We are going out to dinner to a new restaurant, and we are having our daughter and her family out to brunch on Sunday--she wants to have some coffee from the new machine! Imagine that! Well, coffee is my middle name now. Actually, cappuccino is my middle name. I can fix a good one, just don't expect latte art--it "ain't happenin'"! I need to take a class on that. My attempts so far have been miserable failures. On the other hand, they have tasted just fine. And here's a photo of my new love:

Expect a report next week on our dinner out. I do have to mention that I went to a new-to-me restaurant this week. I won an eBosser machine from Cheery Lynn--yay!--and went to pick it up with my sister, Merrilyn. On our way back, we stopped at Windsor, a really cute restaurant on Central, north of Camelback in Phoenix. She had been there before and loved it. Well, I can see why. It is a fair-sized restaurant, with a huge outdoor patio in the back. We sat inside, as I was not dressed for outdoor dining that day--didn't take a jacket. For our 70-degree weather. (Yeah, I know, I'm a wimp.)

Anyway, we both ordered their salmon plate, which was just unreal! So delicious--sumptuous grilled salmon on a bed of beluga lentils, parsnips, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and chives with a fennel pollen vinaigrette! Oh, and there was so much to eat that I couldn't quite finish all my veggies--but I did finish the salmon. I am so happy to have another place to eat a super-healthy salmon meal--just wish they were closer to me. (Oddly enough, they are very close to each other: St. Francis and Windsor. Go to either one--you'll love both!) Note: Windsor also has fabulous cappuccinos!! Yum!

I have yet to use my eBosser for die-cutting. But it does emboss nicely, and what a treat to not crank anything. I'll get lazier now, if that's at all possible. But I was certainly thrilled when I found out I won it! 'Tis good to be lucky! I won a GC to MarkerPop from CMC in the same week. Gary keeps telling me to play the lottery--but the chances are so slim with that. I prefer winning images, eBossers, etc. from the wonderful challenges we have available to us. Cool beans, huh?

Well, guess I'd best get to my card for the week. BTW, our sponsor this month is new: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff of AuroraWings. She has fabulous images! A randomly-selected participant will win a $10 GC to Mitzi's Etsy store. (I wish I could play!!!)

For this color challenge I decided to use Saturated Canary Sweet Oklahoma and printed her on MICBC. I colored her with the following Copics:
Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E30, YR31, E33, E35
Dress: B21, B23, B24, B26, BG70, BG72, BG75, V20, V22, V25
Boots: B21, B23, B24, B26
Umbrella: B21, B23, B24, B26, BG70, BG72, BG75, V20, V22, V25

I added Diamond Glaze to the puddle. My DP, from the Prima All About Me collection, was Zutterized. I added some ribbon, (colored with B24 and crinkled with a heat gun), and a bit of lace. I made my die cuts with the following:

Spellbinders Grand Labels 11
Memory Box Petite Umbrella 
Cheery Lynn Lace Corner Deco B

I hope you check out the fab creations by Carla, Dawn, and Linda at The Outlawz. Then please get out your alcohol markers and use our color inspiration. We'd love to see what you color! 

I decided to enter this card into the following:

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Sketch #60 Challenge Reminder

I told you I would be back today. Here I am. Aren't you thrilled? Don't answer that.

With this new sketch challenge we have a $5 gift certificate to give away to Meljen's Designs.

$5.00 Gift Certificate - Click Image to Close

And here is our sketch #60 by Claudia:

Our design team has some great inspiration. And I have seen some wonderful entries from this past week. So check them out and then be sure to get your entries in this next week!

For this sketch I chose AuroraWings We Are No Evil to color; I used my Copics and a Twin Touch Brush marker:

Leaves: YG91, YG93, YG95, YG97, YG99
Darling Baby Owls: E70, E74, E77, E79, TTBR98, E51, E53, E55
Branch: E70, E74

I decided to use CS only on this; I chose Stampin' Up. I used a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, Distressed Stripes, on the three vertical pieces. (Note: I rotated the sketch.) Then I die-cut my image with a Cheery Lynn Silver Stackers L-7 Oval. I mounted this on a piece cut with a Cheery Lynn Celtic Oval Boutique Stackers die. I finished the card with: a bow from SU ribbon, a safety pin, an owl charm, and some Tim Holtz Alpha Tiles. Hope you find time to create with us!

I am entering this card into a couple of challenges:

Through The Craft Room Door Anything Goes
Inky Impressions Something New (in my case, the image and E.F.)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


The Outlawz Alcohol Markers Winter Wonderland Challenge

Yup, Friday again. One more time, at least. And it's time for another Alcohol Markers challenge at The Outlawz. This week we are looking for creations with a "Winter Wonderland" theme. We hope you play along, using any brand of alcohol markers. We love to see all skill levels join us, so please do!

We have a new sponsor this month: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff of AuroraWings. I love her images! And a randomly-selected participant will win a $10 gift card to her Etsy store.

I am in a bit of a snit. I wrote an entire blog piece and then, through every fault of my own, deleted it. So now I have to start over. Drat. 

My big, long story about making espresso with my new machine just became shortened considerably for you. Lucky peeps. Pfffffffffffffffft!

The nitty-gritty: equipment arrived on Friday at 7:30 p.m. We almost gave up on delivery, but it finally got here. Due to Gary's healing wrist, I had to help him lift the 72-pound monster onto our counter. Holy moly. Almost had a heart attack, I think. It was a wee bit too heavy for me. Like by about 60 pounds.

Got it plumbed on Monday morning. And then the fun started. Took me two days and a pound of coffee, but I finally figured out both the espresso machine and the grinder. And can now make a yummy cup of espresso, cappuccino, or latte. Cool beans, huh? And yesterday Gary learned how to use the machine. Of course, I cleaned up his mess. 

And don't let anyone tell you that there isn't a mess with espresso. They would be fibbing, for sure. But it is so worth the muss and fuss. Ergo: I am a very happy camper. 

On to my card. I chose Lacy Sunshine Eleanor & Pickles Snow Day Fun, which I colored with my Copics:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E42, E43, E44, E49
Scarves/Trim/Earmuffs/Mittens/Snowman Hat: E42, E43, E44
Pickles/Coat/Eleanor Hat/Boots: G40, G82, G85
Boots/Snowman/Eyes/Scarves/Trim: B0000, B000, B00
Glasses/Skates: W0, W1, W2
Scarf: E42, E43, E44, G40, G82, G85

I added a bit of baker's twine to the pennant banner I made using Whimsy Holiday Pennants sentiments and the Whimsy Banner Pennant die. My Kraft CS is from Bazzill. And that's all for this card.

Be sure to pop over and see the fabulous creations by Carla, Dawn, and Linda. And please play along--the more the merrier!

I am entering this into a couple of challenges, as I haven't done much of that lately:

I'll be back in a bit with another post. Lucky you...

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Outlawz Alcohol Markers Something New Challenge/Abby's Birthday Card

Yes, I am back. With another card, this time for the Something New Challenge at The Outlawz Alcohol Markers group. There are some darling cards for you to see on our page, so be sure to stop by. Hope you can join us this week, too! Remember, you must use your alcohol markers, and all skill levels are encouraged to participate.

We have a new sponsor this month: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff of AuroraWings. Her images are just fantastic! Love them! And a randomly-selected participant will win a $10 gift card to her Etsy store. Be sure to go and check out her images!

I chose AuroraWings Steampunk Girl w/Doll for my card this week. I think this is such a beautiful image, and I couldn't wait to color it. I must admit it took me a while to fill in all the details, but it was really fun to color. And I was in the mood for a Steampunk card. Voila!

Guess I'd better fill in some deets. I printed the image on MICBC and colored with my Copics and one Twin Touch Brush Marker:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: Y21, YR23, YR24, YR27
Doll: E000, E00, E21
Eyes: Y21, Y23
Goggles: W2, W4, W6, Y21, YR23, YR24, E08
Hat/Dresses: BG10, BG13, BG15, BG18
Feathers/Lace/Petticoats: TTBR109, Y32, Y23
Ribbon/Flower: E02, E08, E19

Then I added a bit of Wink of Stella Brush Gold to her earring and the hat gears. My DP is from Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells Patterns & Solids, and is paired with Stampin' Up CS. 

I finished the card with a Wild Orchid Craft stickpin, a metal gear charm, some feathers, a pearl spray, Stampin' Up Vanilla flower trim, and some fun Cheery Lynn die cuts:

Cheery Lynn Gear Mesh Border Steampunk
Cheery Lynn Hearts & Gears Steampunk
Cheery Lynn Owls with Gears Steampunk
Cheery Lynn Gears

I used the hearts and owls dies for the first time, and my image was also new. So that is what I chose to meet the challenge. I combined the challenge with a birthday card for my niece, Abby--her birthday is on the 13th, which is a lucky number for her. Happy Birthday, Abs!

Cheery Lynn is giving out one ebosser die cut machine to a random winner, so I am entering that contest here:

Do check out the wonderful creations by Carla, Dawn, and Linda--my talented teammates! And please get your markers out and join us! 

Have a wonderful weekend! And I hope 2014 is your best year evah!

Jellypark Friends New Beginnings Challenge

Well, it's Friday again. And it is the first Friday of the New Year. Can you believe it? 2014. This was the year I was supposed to retire. At least according to my Social Security reports that I get every year. I fooled them. I retired years ago.

However, I am not retired from making cards. Or being on design teams. And so, on this first Friday of 2014, I have another card for you. This time it is for the Jellypark Friends New Beginnings Challenge. (BTW, I keep typing beginnings with three n's instead of two. What is that all about?) I chose Girl with Sign, to which you can add your own message. I added a Create with TLC sentiment to my image.

I printed my image/sentiment on MICBC and colored it with my Copics:
Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: E50, E31, E25
Dress/Bow/Shoes: B32, B34, B37, B39
Sign: C00, C0, C1

I selected DP from the Bo Bunny Zip-a-dee-doodle collection and Zutterized it. Then I paired it with Stampin' Up CS. I added some ribbon, metallic flowers, and Stampin' Up Candy Dots. My die cuts were made with Spellbinders Labels 4 and Grand Labels 4 dies.

That's it! Be sure to look at all the fab creations by my talented teammates today. There are also two newly-released images that will be fun to use--so check them out, too! We had so many fantastic entries in December; hope to see you all again this fortnight! 

I'll be back later with another post. Hope you have a great day!