Friday, November 25, 2011

Dad and the TV

So last week we were supposed to have our granddaughters for Saturday night. However, they were taking turns having digestive issues, so we rescheduled for this Saturday. Which means tomorrow night. If any of you were thinking I could go out and play tomorrow, think again. I will be busy playing at home with Kelsey and Brynn.

We went to the Deli yesterday for Thanksgiving with our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughters, and Gary's nephew, Jack. We had a very nice meal, complete with left-overs for today, and good company. Lots of laughs. And most of them were not directed at me. At least I don't think so. We came back to our house and watched some football while the youngsters watched movies in the den. It's good to have more than one TV and Blue-Ray player. You can entertain more diverse company that way.

Gee, I remember when our folks got their first television. Back in the 50's. It was a large cabinet, which contained a tiny b/w screen. And mostly what we saw was what was known as snow. Or test patterns. Since we lived in a tiny town in the mountains of northern Montana, we rarely saw many TV shows. There were not a lot of them back then anyway, and our reception was terrible where we lived. If there was a snowstorm in the winter (DUH), we saw "snow" on the TV, complete with a hissing static noise. Irritating. But not as irritating as our Dad, trying to fix whatever he thought was wrong with the television. OMG! It was crazy. He would get behind the set with a floor mirror set up so he could see the screen from behind the TV. Then he would fiddle with the tubes and whatever else he could get his hands on. And the picture would go from full to partial, straight to diagonal, and then fade to black. It was a delightful way to spend an evening in front of the television. Just ask my siblings. They remember it too, unless little Larry was too young to notice at the time. (He's not too young now, mind you, but he might have been in the 50's. Insert evil grin here).

So when I realize how spoiled I am right now with three televisions, (well, I have to have one in my craft room, don't you know), I get a little embarrassed. I am filled with riches, both physically and emotionally. I had much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. An amazing husband, a really cool family, good health, beautiful home, a veritable cornucopia of riches, I tell ya. I am one lucky woman. One lucky old woman. But very lucky anyway. I thank God every day for this life of mine. I wouldn't trade it with anyone in the world. Yeah, riiiight. That may be going just a tad too far don't you think? 'Cuz it might be fun to see how the really rich people live. Just for a short time--like a day or two years. Something like that. You know, just to experience how the 1% deal with life, love, and way too much money! But, in the meantime, I really have nothing to complain about. Of course, I don't usually let that stop me! Oh, go ahead, just slap me.

 I finally made the card for the Bookendz November selection: Emily and Einstein. What a great book! Another one I would highly recommend to everybody. It is a fast and delicious read. 'Try it--you'll like it!' (Anybody remember what ad that came from? I don't, but I can't get the saying out of my head).

My card is below, and I am only entering it into the book club this month. I had planned on doing another challenge with it, but just couldn't get my mojo mojoing in time! Here is the recipe for the card:

Basic Grey Kraft and BoBunny Gabrielle DSP
Bazzill CS
Sarah Kay Fanny's Cuddle stamp
Autumn Leaves Postmarks stamp
Memento and Tsukineko ink
Miscellaneous ribbon
MS Pearl Stickers
Spellbinders Rectangle, Labels 23, Postage Stamps, Postage Stamp Edgeabilities dies
Copic markers: YR61, YR65, YR68, R0000, BG0000, BG10, BG11, BG15, E0000, E000, E00, E11, E13, E41, E43, E44, E55, E57, E59

Below are the link and the card for the book club.   Wishing everyone everywhere a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ron's Birthday Card

So my sister, Barbara, visited me for a few days this week. We had fun working on cards together. She even surprised me with a beautiful thank-you card, which she made right in front of me! And I was so focused on Ron's birthday card that I didn't even notice. Yeah, I'm not oblivious or anything. Much.

Anyway, we got quite a bit accomplished--I have a Christmas card design in mind and so does Barbara; I got Ron's card done and so did Barbara. But she also made a very cute card for our grand-nephew, Tristan, and I haven't yet. And she made the card for me. So, in terms of being productive, she has me beaten by a long shot!

While Barbara was here we had a couple of really good meals. That's because we went out to eat. I had basically nothing in my pantry or frig; just a few frozen entrees, (which we also gagged down for a meal). But we did enjoy eating at Kitchen 56 the day she came out. And we had a wonderful dinner at the Deli on Tuesday. Thursday we had a delicious meal at the Dhaba. However, I forgot to take my ranitidine before that dinner, silly me, and then I ate some super spicy chutneys. I promptly got a massive case of indigestion. Oh, mama, was I in pain that night. Not the fault of the restaurant, mind you. The fault of the diner, namely me. Geesh! Will I never learn? The next day Barbara and I ate at the Deli for lunch with our sister, Merrilyn. Another really good meal! Of course, if you sprinkle in the toast, bananas, and a veggie burger from Burger King that we consumed, you could make a case for some pretty crappy eating, too. Sorry, Barbara! I also need to thank my sweet sister for allowing me to show her my photos from the Maui trip Gary and I took in September.  :^)

Below is the birthday card I made for my brother-in-law, Ron. I am entering it into two challenges:

I used the following to make this card:

Sarah Kay's Jean-Luc playing ball with Claude stamp
Stampin' Up Full of Life stamp
My Mind's Eye Paris & Co DSP 
Bazzill CS
Crate Paper Static Collection Die Cut
Spellbinders Labels 23 and Nestabilities Rectangles
Tim Holtz Spinner, Mini Clip, and Token
Stampin' Up Trinket
Ink by Memento and Ranger
Copic markers: E0000, E000, E00, E11, E13, E40, E42, E43, E44, E47, E49, C00, C0, C1, BG0000, BG000, B0000, B000

Here's hoping everyone everywhere is having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Random thoughts

Where does the time go anyway? I cannot believe it is already Monday night! I did finish another book, so perhaps that's why the time has gotten away from me. Time, time, time. As Carolyn Myss says, we are obsessed with "time". (And the lack thereof.) Yeah, and the older we get, the less time we have, so the faster it seems to go. Bizarre.

I am about to have my sister, Barbara, for a few days. We are going to make cards while she is here. Thank goodness I will have her to push me! :^)  Apparently I need someone to do that right now.

We did get our house cleaned this weekend. And Gary was such a sweetheart--he even washed off our outdoor furniture, so we could sit outside if we wanted to. The weather is now nice enough to do just that.

Had lunch on the patio at the Olive Mill today with my niece, Abby. It was a lovely lunch--good food, good weather, and good company. I love when that all comes together, don't you?

My fantasy football team in the money league suffered a crushing defeat this weekend. I finally figured out, (it only took me two years), that I no longer want to play in money leagues. OMG, it's just too much pressure! Takes away all the fun and makes me CRAZY! (Or at least crazier than usual). So next year, if I am in any leagues, they will be just for fun. Life is too short to be worried about fantasy football, for goodness sakes. Geesh!

We are having the granddaughters overnight Saturday, so their parents can have an evening out for Jon's birthday.  I think all parents deserve a night without kiddos once in a while. Keeps them sane. All of them. They all need a break from each other for mental health. That's why Gary and I lost our sanity years ago--we couldn't get away from Angela. Oh, settle down, Ang, I am just kidding. (Actually, she was a very easy child to raise.--we were lucky!)  :^)

Here's wishing everyone everywhere a lovely rest of the week!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jon's Card

I managed to finish a card for the birthday of our son-in-law. One November birthday down, and two to go. I also want to make a card for the Bookendz book club this month. And, then, there's that whole pesky design-our-Christmas-card task I have set for myself. Hmmmm.....something tells me I am in a world of hurt. And I only have myself to blame.

Yes, instead of creating cards, I was reading books. Like ten in the last two weeks. What???? Do you realize how many hours I have spent losing myself in other people's lives? And they aren't even real people!

This crap has to come to a screeching halt. Like pronto. I have company coming, a house to clean (obviously, if I have company coming, I need to clean my house!), granddaughters to babysit, and cards to make. I must confess:  I just want to read another book. I am seriously addicted; I need help. Got any ideas? And please don't come up with anything that will hurt.

While I await your constructive advice, I will enter Jon's card into a couple of challenges:

And the card recipe is:  Basic Grey Life of the Party and Basic Grey Lauderdale patterned paper, Stampin' Up CS, Cryogen CS, Magnolia Edwin with Bike stamp, Innovative Stamp Creations Presence of Trees stamp, Stampin' Up Full of Life stamp, Spellbinders Sprightly Sprockets and Postage Stamp dies,  Stampin' Up brads, Glossy Accents, and the following Copic markers: C00, C0, C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, E0000, E000, E00, E11, E13, E23, E25, E31, E50, Y02, Y06, Y08, B91, B93, B95, B97.

Wishing everyone everywhere a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wine, women, and football

Hey, there! I do not have a new card to display, but thought I would touch base with you. Isn't that a strange saying? Does it come from baseball? And why would you touch a base with someone else in baseball unless you were trying to get them out? So, if I touch base with you, am I trying to get you out? Out of what exactly? Inquiring minds want to know. (Get back to me if you have the answers to these questions, please).

So I am sitting here in leggings, socks, shirt, and a long-sleeved jacket. What the h***? How did it get cold enough for me to be dressed like winter? When it was 90 degrees just a few days back? Keerazy, huh? Actually, I am thrilled to have a change in the weather, but my body has not caught up with it yet. I haven't gotten acclimated, so I am freezing. (Technically, I am not freezing, but it surely feels like I am). I repeat, what the h***?

Fortunately, since it is so much cooler, we are getting our wines this week from Oregon. Some will show up today, and the rest probably Thursday or Friday. This is exciting news! Well, maybe not to you, but it is to me! I have been waiting for four months to get the wine we ordered. We are getting at least a dozen bottles; I hope we have enough room in our new wine cooler for them all! If not, I guess we just have to start drinking our present supply to make room. Yeah, life is tough.

I have been reading like a fiend. (How does a fiend read?) I just can't stop diving into books; it's almost like an illness with me right now. I need to stop reading soon, because I have to get going on some birthday cards (three male ones for this month), and I need to design my Christmas card. It's already the 7th of November, People, and that is just. plain. wrong. I need more time.

Went to the Rubber Stamp show with my sister, Barbara, on Saturday. I spent quite a bit of money and never bought a stamp. Don't need any at the moment. But I did find some wonderful Cheery Lynn dies that I just couldn't live without. Oh, you know what I mean. I keep saying that I have to get the tools right now, before Gary retires--after he retires the income will go down so much that I won't have the extra cash for tools. I'll have to use my spending allowance on paper and adhesive and envelopes. Speaking of envelopes, I got a screaming deal on some 7" square ones at the stamp show. Made out of Cryogen paper, and 25 for $5.00. Twenty cents apiece, are you kidding me? I got 200 of them. And then realized how heavy they were to cart around the show! Not my brightest-bulb moment, but still a really good buy! Oh, and the dies I got? A couple of butterflies (can't have enough of those!), a cool snowflake, and some wonderful doily dies! Yeah, I'm a happy camper! We had a good time and a nice lunch in downtown Mesa at Mango's.

Then yesterday we had a Cardinals' game. Now, I really wasn't looking forward to it, I must admit. They had only won once this year, after all. I kind of dragged my feet getting ready (not on purpose--really), so we got there a wee bit late. Actually, we were there in time,  but it took forever to get into the stadium. OK, not forever, but it was a lonnnng time! (They not only search handbags, but they frisk everyone!) So we missed the Cards getting their first score. But we did see the rest of the game, including overtime. If I had had my way, we would have missed the end. I whined at Gary to leave during the third quarter, 'cuz things were not going well for the Cardinals. Two safeties? Really? And I was ready to bug out of there, but Gary said, no, we were staying until the end of the game. Bless him. The end was really exciting; and when the Cards won in overtime, I was jumping up and down like a little kid. I really didn't know I still had that in me! So I am really happy that we went and stayed for the finish. It was fun to be a part of that wild energy after the game; we fans finally had something to feel good about!

So, I could go on and on about my fantasy teams, but I will spare you that drama. Suffice it it say, it ain't over 'til it's over, and I just may win the most important game of the season tonight! That would put me in first place by myself in the money league--and I am the only female in that league. Wish me luck! Please?? And I wish you a wonderful week!