Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hair's the thing

OK, so it has been mentioned that I didn't blog about my new hair style. And that's a valid point. I cannot tell you why I hadn't--but now that it was brought to my attention, I shall fully disclose the results. I really like my new "do"; it's shorter than my old hair style, and I now have bangs. I told Linh, my hairdresser, that I would live with it for a few weeks to see how I like it. And to see how easy it was to maintain. So far, so good. Linh said she didn't want to cut my hair really short--she felt I would hate it and blame her--which is probably true. She knows me too well. After all, I have been going to her for 21+ years now. That's a long time, don't you think? :^)  So we compromised with the in-between cut, and we'll see how it goes. Gary took a photo of me last night (at our daughter's irritating insistence--she kept emailing me to send a photo); my comment to him when I saw it was something on the order of, "I don't look as good as I thought I did. I look much older." He just laughed.

Yeah, I'm not laughing. Look closely at my eyes, if you dare. (It may turn you to stone.) I have the droopy upper eyelids and the puffy lower lids. Not a good look, if you know what I mean. And today, of all days, I got a "Buy with Me" offer to get an laser eyelid lift for half off. I said to Gary, "Hey, maybe I should do this. It would probably improve my vision." You know what? He actually told me that if I really wanted the surgery, to go ahead. But he said he didn't want me turning out like Joan Rivers. I'm afraid I'd turn out like Priscilla Presley--now that's a scary thought. But I now know why a cashier at Joann's recently asked me if I wanted the senior citizen discount. Aaaaaaack!

This hits me really hard. Don't laugh. It's not funny. To me. At all. Really. (Well, maybe just a teeny bit, but very teeny). You see, people have always thought that I was younger than my real age. (Well, always up until now, apparently). Can you imagine this scenario--when I was in my early twenties, I hated people thinking that I was much younger. (Was I crazy then, or just stupid)? I didn't want them thinking I had married an old man. (Gary looked much older than he was then, and I looked younger. So people thought there was a huge age difference between us; actually it is only 15-1/2 months). Now I would give almost anything for people to think that. I'd laugh about it--I'd actually brag about it. No such luck. Not anymore. Sigh. Sometimes, it is just hell getting old.

We ate at the Deli last night and had a wonderful salmon dinner; it was served with delicious orzo and a squash gratin. Mmmmmmm. And we finished the meal with a fresh berry tart, served with lemon cream. Again, mmmmmmm. Luscious! Then today Gary ran back out to the Deli (good thing it is nearby, or is it?) and got a sandwich for us to split for lunch. When he walked in, our favorite waiter said, "Get a life."  Is it possible that we do the Deli too often? Not on my watch!

Tonight the dinner club--from Gary's work--got together for our monthly meal. We ate at Mellow Mushroom Pizza in downtown Tempe. It was pretty decent pizza, but not our favorite--that still remains the Parlor, and in second place, Grimaldi's. There is another new place, that is certified by some group in Italy (who it is I couldn't tell you) and if we can ever remember the name of the restaurant, we might give it a try, too. You know, to compare to our favorites. To see if certification by whomever is all that.

Of course, since we were in downtown Tempe, we had to go to the Shoe Mill. Because I had a coupon, naturally, and I needed a pair of black sandals to wear in Hawaii. (Maybe "needed" is stretching the truth just a tiny bit). So I try on a pair of leather Ecco sandals that fit and are very comfortable. And the salesgirl tells me that I won't want to wear them on the beach because I could ruin them. But she has another pair that would be perfect for the beach and for hiking. OK, so I try them on and they fit and are comfortable, too. But they are ugly. And they are just like the ones Gary was wearing tonight. And it's fine if he wears ugly sandals, but I didn't want to. So there was a little tug-of-war going on between Practical Penny and Peevish Penny. I am proud to say that Practical Penny won. I bought the ugly, comfortable sandals and shall wear them in good health. Or whatev.

That's the update. Sorry for the length. Actually, I'm not. So there.

Wishing everyone everywhere a super Sunday. Now go buy something ugly and comfortable. You'll feel good about yourselves.


  1. LOL at your shoe adventures. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I own? Three. You people with your multiple pairs of shoes ...

    I still think you look younger than are; I'm sorry you feel bad about how you look. Would you seriously get that eyelid lift? Any plastic surgery stuff makes leery because it's often done so poorly. Besides, I think you look lovely just how you are. :)

  2. Three? How do you function with only three? I have 4 pairs of dance shoes! :^)

    Thank you, Honey, but you are my daughter and, as such, you are biased about how I look. I am not a fan of surgeries. So the answer to your question is probably not. Unless it really would help me see better. I think I shall ask the eye doctor when I go in next month for my eye appointment. Of course, by then the "special pricing" will be gone. Drat! What's a girl to do?

  3. True about the special pricing being gone, but there'll be another special some other time, and it'd be best to wait until you're absolutely sure rather than buy now and feel pressured to do it because you spent the money getting the deal.


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