Monday, June 6, 2011

My second second blog posting (or blog posting two squared)

Yes, I am posting the second post of the second blog attempt. Sigh.....

Anyway, I am listening to Hawaiian music as I post this. We have bought our tickets for our trip to Maui and have reserved four different hotels for that vacation. We will be gone 18 nights and plan to stay on four very different parts of the island--the west side, the south side, the central-north side, and the east side. To be more precise: Ka'anapali, Wailea, Pa'ia, and Hana, but not in that exact order. I am so unbelievably thrilled about this vacation! Do you want to know why? Well, I am going to tell you anyway.

Short history:  Gary got an R&R (rest and recuperation) while he was in the war in Viet Nam, which meant that he could leave Viet Nam for 5 days. So we scheduled a vacation in Honolulu in January 1970. We got engaged there, which was quite romantic. The whole trip was like a dream. I wanted to move there immediately, as I found Oahu to be the most beautiful place I had ever been. (Of course, I was only 20 at the time; it was not like I had been many places!). My dad told me I would hate it after a while, because I would get "island fever", and want to come back to the mainland. Moot point. I didn't move there--instead I became an Army wife in May of that year and moved to Ft. Benning, GA.

Did I say this was a short history? I lied. But not on purpose. Anyway, we always wanted to go back to Hawaii, and in 2005 we finally scheduled a trip there for our 35th wedding anniversary. Yeah, we didn't get back there very quickly, did we? It was a bittersweet trip, and I cannot go into details or this blog would be as long as a book. But we went to Kauai for 6 days and loved that island even more than Oahu. Gary, the sweetheart, planned a surprise wedding vow renewal for us on Anini Beach--now that was romantic!

OK, so flash forward to 2010, when we decided to visit Maui and the Big Island in a two-week trip in April. HA! We planned the trip early in the year, and then bought a house that was to be under construction while we were gone--not the best plan for sure. Well, it didn't happen that way, because my darling husband broke his foot in March, thus cancelling our April Hawaii trip. :^(  I was so bummed about it, but actually it turned out for the best-- because the house construction was enough of a major event to worry about. I would have preferred another way to delay our Hawaiian visit than having Gary's foot surgery and healing to deal with, but that's another story for another time.

So that brings us to this year--and the fact that we decided to do the Hawaiian trip on the tax refunds we got from the house purchase. We are really doing Maui up BIG, let me tell you! I can hardly wait--I have so many places I want to see, things to do, and MEALS to eat! Romance be damned! I want good food and lots of it! Gee, does mean I am over the hill and fat now? Well, if the shoe fits....

So I will wish everyone everywhere a wonderful Monday--and again, no one anywhere is going to know this.

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  1. I'm enjoying your writing a lot, Mom. :) And I'm so glad you guys get to go back to Hawaii. You're going to have such a great time!


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