Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Card Camp Week 1

So more laundry early today. But just three loads as I had to take Don out to the groomer. He looks so pretty now! See?

He definitely does not like to pose for photos. I had to make a weird noise, (which was very difficult for me), in order for him to look at the camera. Yeah, I know, his left eye looks at the camera, while his right eye looks at the television. What can I say--he's talented. (Or a little walleyed).

So I started the online Summer Card Camp this week. I am still working on a card for a CMC class, which I will show you when I finally get it done. I can't figure out what is taking me so long to finish that card. Anyway, I did do a card for the first week of camp. Yeah, I know, I am amazed, too.

Our assignment was to make a card with "warm shades of purple, pink, and orange alongside sky blue and white". I looked through my entire stash of patterned paper and card stock, and I couldn't find anything I liked. So I winged it [is that proper grammar--or should I say did wing or wanged ;^)] and this is what I finally settled on at 2 a.m. Please don't look at it too critically, as I was really, really tired when I finished it.

I used a Holly Berry House medium tulip stamp and colored with Copics: RV02, RV06, RV09, V000, V01, V04, YR000, YR65, YR68. I used several dies from the Spellbinders Parisian Accents sets. I colored Stampin' Up rhinestones with RV06. I added a bow (without the aid of my Bow Easy, which I still can't find a year after we moved--perhaps I should buy a new one?). And the card stock is Stampin' Up Vanilla and Blue Bayou. Now, I have to confess that I meant to use Whisper White, but it was so late that I obviously couldn't see and grabbed Vanilla instead. And I just realized it now; but, there is no way that I am re-making this card. So my white is a dirty white. Sue me. (But you have to catch me first).

Anyway, I am pleased that I submitted a card during week one. I will have to miss a week during the Card Camp, as I will be on vacation with Gary, and I am positive that he will not want me making cards in Oregon. Actually, I am positive that I will not want me making cards in Oregon. We will be spending too much time tasting wines and just enjoying cooler weather.

Wishing everyone everywhere a fabulous Friday!


  1. This card is absolutely stunning! Fantastic job on it!!

  2. Very pretty. I love the lacy design.

  3. Ruthie and Cathy, I thank you so much! It is great to have validation on my creation! Have a great evening. :^)

  4. Nice use of the colors, Mom! Another great card. :) And Donovan looks great, too.

    Weird you can't find the Bow Easy ...

  5. Why, thank you, my lovely child. :^) Yes, he did look pretty nice, didn't he? He's already getting a little "rumpled".


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