Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My funny little Valentine

Just have to say that I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Gary gave me a beautiful card with a lovely sentiment last night, along with yellow roses and Adele's CD. Then today he sent me Paul McCartney's song, "Valentine", which we heard on the Grammys. And tonight he took me to the Deli for a delicious three-course dinner. What a guy, huh? I'm pretty lucky, and don't I know it! :^) Oh, and he also bought one long-stemmed rose for each female server at the restaurant. Wasn't that sweet? Honestly, he is getting more generous with each passing year. 

He and I are both really looking forward to our trip to Maui in April. And I must, I repeat, I must, see a whale or two. Please, dear Universe, send me a whale in Maui. It's on my bucket list. And I may not have that many more opportunities to see whales. After all, I do live in the desert. Last time I checked, whales don't visit the desert often. If at all. Of course, there's always a first time for everything. I would imagine that when the ginormous earthquake hits California, and Arizona becomes beach-front property, there is a chance that whales will be seen near the desert coastline. Oh, sorry, Californians, guess that wasn't very nice to say. It probably won't happen for eons anyway. So don't sweat it. OK?

I am trying to find some images to use for next month on the Outlawz challenges. I have one picked out for the first week, so hopefully the next one will come to me easily after I get the first card done! Okey dokey, then. (We can only hope.)

May you all have a magnificent rest of the week! And I hope each of you had as lovely a Valentine's Day as I did!


  1. I do hope you get to see whales!! If you look at my Flickr link on my blog, there are some photos from our Alaska trip last year, where we were so lucky on our whale watching trip!! They are incredible :)

    1. Oh, Dawn, what fabulous Flicker photos! (Sorry about the alliteration)! I freely admit I am jealous as he**! What a wonderful trip for you. I suppose we could go to Alaska to see them in the summer. That would make a nice cool break from arid Arizona. (There's that darn alliteration again. Slap my hands)! ;^)

    2. Wow, I'm very impressed with all the sweet things Dad did for you and the female servers! Aww, he's a softie. Were the servers charmed?

    3. Yes, they were very pleased! Sarah dried hers! And Bryn was so happy because her hubby didn't get her any flowers!

  2. He didn't get her flowers?!? For shame! And very sweet about Sarah.


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