Sunday, August 12, 2012

Did you ever hear the one about the bad Penny?

I have been reading again. Yeah, that's why no posts for several days. I just had to get into some juicy stories for a bit. I know, I know: bad Penny. On the bright side,  I do have some recommendations:

Sea Change by Karen White (given to me to read by my sis, Merrilyn)
Whole Lotta Trouble by Stephanie Bond
Our Husband by Stephanie Bond

I read one more, but I wouldn't recommend it. Just mentioned it to explain why I have been so absent of late.

So Merrilyn and I went to lunch on Friday. She gets around so good now, it is hard to believe her surgery was just a couple of weeks ago! Anyway, she picked the place and I drove. Of course, it was not even close to where I live! Try about 48 miles away. But only 18 miles from Merrilyn's home. It is Carmel's Coffee at 42nd Street and Camelback in Phoenix. What a find! The people are friendly, the service is great, and the food we had--oh, oh, yum! Both of us had the Savory Crepe, which had goat cheese, spinach, and roasted cherry tomatoes in it. Divine! And only $7! If you are in the area, do try Carmel's sometime--open for breakfast and lunch. It is a tiny place, and most of the parking is in the back. Well worth the stop!

Gary and I did go out Saturday night to a new-to-us-but-rather-established restaurant in Scottsdale called Pepin. While the Spanish dishes we had were good, they were not great, and they were very pricey. So I do not recommend this place; spend your money elsewhere. We did have fun, though, having dinner again with Bob and Connie. Did I mention that Connie fell last September? In the parking lot at Costco. Off a thick-soled flip-flop. She fell very awkwardly and broke her right shoulder in four places. They rushed her to the hospital. Three days later, they operated on her shoulder and put in 19 pins. OMG! She said it took her a good six months to heal properly. She still cannot raise her right arm much above her shoulder. She and Bob want to take dance lessons again, but she is afraid that she will re-injure herself. Ouch. (Gross understatement, right?)

I have many, many cards to make in a very short amount of time. So why was I doing so much reading? Because I love to procrastinate. Oh, not really. But I think, when the pressure is on, I take exit stage left. And I do something else to take my mind, (I use that term loosely), off of whatever causes me anxiety. Now why am I anxious?  Because I lost my mojo again, and I need it back to jump-start these cards. I'll have to go looking for it. Perhaps I left it in my car last week, and it melted away in the parking lot at the mall. Or it ran away to join the circus. Or someone broke into my house and stole it. While I was reading one of my books. Wait a minute, maybe Donovan ate it! He's been awfully hungry lately. Hey, something happened to it. Wish me luck finding it. 'Cuz I need my mojo badly. Like now.

Will blog again ASAP after getting at least one card finished. Hopefully, that will be sometime on Tuesday. Wishing you a wonderful beginning to your week!


  1. Always love your stories, Penny! Glad you are having fun reading and thanks for the recommendations! Sometimes you just need to take a break and the mojo will come a flowin' back! You'll see!

  2. Penny, I don't know how you just flow with the journaling you have such a gift at it. Hang in there, you can't force it.

  3. Penny, I can't imagine you not creating. Your cards are always fantastic. Hope to see a new one soon, but in the meantime, enjoy your reading. I love books too!

  4. I'm glad you read some books and enjoyed them. That's worth the lost mojo.

    I'm glad your sister is doing so well post surgery.

  5. I have enjoyed reading your this Penny, I'm sure your mojo will come home soon!

  6. I didn't know you'd never been to Pepin! I haven't been in years. It was good last time I was there, but that was so long ago ... 11 or 12 years, if memory serves.

    Poor Connie! That fall and recovery sound horrible! I don't blame her for not wanting to take dance lessons just yet.


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