Sunday, August 21, 2011


I ate too much again tonight. I seem to do that every time we go out to eat dinner. That would be OK if we went out once a month. But we go at least twice a week, maybe more often. Just how did I think I was going to fit into those new crop pants for our trip to Hawaii when I eat like a piggy? I mean, they do fit better than they did when I got them. BUT, they do not fit as well as they should. Face it, Penny, they are still too tight. Ugh.

Now if I could exercise the way I should, it would go a long way toward having a tighter derriere and gut. I would say 6-pack abs, but that might make me snort water out of my nose. No, the description of my abdomen is definitely "gut". It is smaller than it was a few months ago, and for that I am grateful. But it needs to be smaller yet. And I cannot even mention my rear. Please, the thought of how wide it is right now is truly painful. And those lovely dimples. If they were on the right cheeks they would be darling. But they aren't, and they aren't. And I am running out of time. Any suggestions, other than a starvation diet? (Which I could never follow anyway. I am much too fond of food).

I hurt my knee a few weeks back, when I leaned on it wrong to get into my chaise. I heard something pop and felt a sharp pain at the same time. Since then I have had trouble doing any aerobic exercises, as the front and back of my knee are really sore. So is the back of my calf. I refuse to go to the doctor, don't even think about telling me to. If I need a surgical repair, it has to wait until after our trip. I am not missing out on this trip to Hawaii like we did with last year's trip due to Gary's broken foot. So there! Anyway, that's my reason for not being able to do my exercise program anymore, and I'm sticking to it!

I actually still exercise every other day. I do my "gut" exercises and lift weights. But I am not able to do the aerobics that I was doing; hence I am not losing the weight I had thought I could when I bought those damn darn crop pants. Isn't it wonderful when you can rationalize your failures? I have perfected that over the years.

So we had a wonderful meal at the Deli last night: orange roughy with asparagus and an orzo salad. Just YUM! And Nicole made a delicious custard, which I just had to try. Unfortunately, Gary didn't help me finish it. I did that all by myself. I'm good that way. Just ask my gut. Or my butt. Either one will be happy to acknowledge my proficiency at finishing desserts. My favorite part of the meal. And I blame my father for that! It was his fault that I grew up loving sweets. Wasn't it? See, I am still rationalizing. Or hadn't you noticed?

To add insult to injury, (and what does that mean in this context?), we went out to dinner again tonight. We ate at the Fairmont Princess La Hacienda. And, just like last night, I ate more than I needed to. More than I should have. Oh, woe is me. The food was very good. We had guacamole, chips, and shrimp ceviche to start. Then I had wonderful crab enchiladas with yummy black beans and rice. And, oh yeah, here comes the dessert! Cinnamon churros with three perfectly scrumptious and fat-laden dipping sauces. The only good thing is that Gary shared the dessert this time. Oh, I forgot to mention the two Margaritas I had--no calories there, right? You know, some people actually don't figure in the calories from alcohol. But they are there, believe me. And they are empty calories.

So, anyway, I need to find a  big-ass rope and flagellate myself. Perhaps if I did that each time I overeat, I could discourage myself from overeating. Or, that might just give me another reason to bathe in the comfort of food, specifically sweet food. Ay-yi-yi-yi.

Well, if anyone has any great ideas how I can get into those crop pants by the time we go to Hawaii, let me know. ASAP. SOS. Please? I am really running out of time.

In the meantime, I wish everyone everywhere a more sensible food plan. And a great Sunday.


  1. Your food outings are making me jealous! And what's this about the knee? Maybe you and Merrilyn can have surgery at the same time and be recuperating roomies.

  2. Yeah, and we had a great one tonight! Tien Wong Hot Pot is fabulous! Loved it! Don't know if your girls would like it or not. But if you go, be sure to wear a bib or else a black T-shirt that doesn't show drips, because it is almost impossible not to get drops on your shirt! Both Dad and I did and we were being careful! LOL!

    M and I would make terrible roomies. HAHAHA!

  3. Glad you liked the restaurant! I'll remember your advice about it being a bit messy.


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