Friday, November 25, 2011

Dad and the TV

So last week we were supposed to have our granddaughters for Saturday night. However, they were taking turns having digestive issues, so we rescheduled for this Saturday. Which means tomorrow night. If any of you were thinking I could go out and play tomorrow, think again. I will be busy playing at home with Kelsey and Brynn.

We went to the Deli yesterday for Thanksgiving with our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughters, and Gary's nephew, Jack. We had a very nice meal, complete with left-overs for today, and good company. Lots of laughs. And most of them were not directed at me. At least I don't think so. We came back to our house and watched some football while the youngsters watched movies in the den. It's good to have more than one TV and Blue-Ray player. You can entertain more diverse company that way.

Gee, I remember when our folks got their first television. Back in the 50's. It was a large cabinet, which contained a tiny b/w screen. And mostly what we saw was what was known as snow. Or test patterns. Since we lived in a tiny town in the mountains of northern Montana, we rarely saw many TV shows. There were not a lot of them back then anyway, and our reception was terrible where we lived. If there was a snowstorm in the winter (DUH), we saw "snow" on the TV, complete with a hissing static noise. Irritating. But not as irritating as our Dad, trying to fix whatever he thought was wrong with the television. OMG! It was crazy. He would get behind the set with a floor mirror set up so he could see the screen from behind the TV. Then he would fiddle with the tubes and whatever else he could get his hands on. And the picture would go from full to partial, straight to diagonal, and then fade to black. It was a delightful way to spend an evening in front of the television. Just ask my siblings. They remember it too, unless little Larry was too young to notice at the time. (He's not too young now, mind you, but he might have been in the 50's. Insert evil grin here).

So when I realize how spoiled I am right now with three televisions, (well, I have to have one in my craft room, don't you know), I get a little embarrassed. I am filled with riches, both physically and emotionally. I had much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. An amazing husband, a really cool family, good health, beautiful home, a veritable cornucopia of riches, I tell ya. I am one lucky woman. One lucky old woman. But very lucky anyway. I thank God every day for this life of mine. I wouldn't trade it with anyone in the world. Yeah, riiiight. That may be going just a tad too far don't you think? 'Cuz it might be fun to see how the really rich people live. Just for a short time--like a day or two years. Something like that. You know, just to experience how the 1% deal with life, love, and way too much money! But, in the meantime, I really have nothing to complain about. Of course, I don't usually let that stop me! Oh, go ahead, just slap me.

 I finally made the card for the Bookendz November selection: Emily and Einstein. What a great book! Another one I would highly recommend to everybody. It is a fast and delicious read. 'Try it--you'll like it!' (Anybody remember what ad that came from? I don't, but I can't get the saying out of my head).

My card is below, and I am only entering it into the book club this month. I had planned on doing another challenge with it, but just couldn't get my mojo mojoing in time! Here is the recipe for the card:

Basic Grey Kraft and BoBunny Gabrielle DSP
Bazzill CS
Sarah Kay Fanny's Cuddle stamp
Autumn Leaves Postmarks stamp
Memento and Tsukineko ink
Miscellaneous ribbon
MS Pearl Stickers
Spellbinders Rectangle, Labels 23, Postage Stamps, Postage Stamp Edgeabilities dies
Copic markers: YR61, YR65, YR68, R0000, BG0000, BG10, BG11, BG15, E0000, E000, E00, E11, E13, E41, E43, E44, E55, E57, E59

Below are the link and the card for the book club.   Wishing everyone everywhere a wonderful weekend!


  1. Another great card, Mom! I especially like how you colored her hair. And the puppy's too cute.

    I had to look up "Try it, you'll like it." I was guessing it was for Life cereal, but apparently it was for Alka-Seltzer.

    Loved the story about Grandma and Grandpa's first TV. How maddening to get bad reception and then have to watch Grandpa "fix" it. :)

  2. Thank you, sweet daughter of mine! :^)

    Alka-Seltzer, huh? I didn't remember that; I just remember teaching our bird, Max, to say it. He also said, "When you're hot, you're hot". Among other things. :^)

    Yes, Grandpa drove us all mad with the TV. You're lucky your dad never tried to do that! I think Grandpa actually had fun tormenting everybody. LOL

  3. I remember Max saying that stuff. He was a good, cute bird. :)

  4. I remember Max saying that stuff. He was a good, cute bird. :)

  5. Yes, he was a little cutie! Wish we could have had him longer.

  6. Hi Penny,
    I just love your card! I am at the end of Baby Boomers. I was born in the early 60's. I remember my grandmother going out to buy a color TV because we were going to watch the first walk on the moon in color! And it was all shot in Black and White!!! LOL. So anyway it was a wonderful treat to go to Grandma's to watch cartoons in color, even if the moon was in black and white! LOL And I lived in the city and CBS was always snowy-so I don't think your being out in the boonies made much difference. That was just part of the times!

  7. Elizabeth, thank you for your nice comment! :^)

    It's amazing what we had to watch when we were young compared to HDTV, isn't it? And big screens now, too! And, as I recall, color TV wasn't really very good at the beginning--not true color. But we thought it was fantastic because it wasn't just black and white! What a difference a few decades make! LOL!

  8. Thank you, Gab! I appreciate that. :^)

  9. Penny, this card is perfect for the book. I love the image and love how you colored her. Great job.

  10. Oh, thank you, Linda! I appreciate that. :^)


  11. Thanks so much, Peggie! :^)



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