Friday, November 8, 2013

The Outlawz Alcohol Markers Tickle My Funny Bone Challenge/Ron's Birthday Card

Yes, this week we would like to see your sense of humor. (In my case, it is a lack thereof, as you well know.) So get coloring something funny and join us, 'K?

I chose a Bugaboo image, because so many of them are really funny. And I love this one for my BIL's birthday. He should appreciate the humor--I've known him for 50+ years, so I'm pretty sure he'll like this. Especially the fart part. Sorry, but that's the truth. So help me, Hannah. (Who is Hannah, anyway? I don't know her--do you?)

Yes, this is Gus Birthday - Old Fart. I wondered, when I was young, why they called old people "old farts". I have since grown old, and I now understand the concept. Puzzling that people use the expression as a term of endearment. And, by people, I do mean me. Yes, I call Gary "you, old fart" quite often. I could tell you that he's really earned the name, but that would be disrespectful--something I never am. (And, yes, he has earned the name, but then, what person over 50 hasn't?) OK, I guess I should get off the topic before it becomes odiferous.

I printed the geezer on MICBC and colored him with my Copics:

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04, R20
Hair: T0, T1
Hat/Robe: BG11, BG13, BG15, BG45, BG49, BG72, BG75, BG78
Pipe/Slippers: E40, E42, E44

I added Diamond Glaze to his glasses. And then, of course, I had to make several die cuts. I used the following dies:

Spellbinders Circles
Cheery Lynn Steampunk Clock
Cheery Lynn Steampunk Pocket Watch
SCACD Alice's Clock Statement Corner
SCACD Classic Timepiece

I finished the card with a bottle cap, two chipboard clocks, Tim Holtz Game Spinners, a Tim Holtz Long Fastener, and a clock charm. My DP is from the Basic Grey Oliver collection and is paired with Stampin' Up CS. 

Before I go, I have to tell you that we are in search of an espresso machine. Which I keep wanting to call "expresso". 'Cuz I am a dork. An uncivilized one at that. Anyway, we have looked high and low for the perfect machine. On the internet, that is. I am getting blisters from typing in so many searches. Egad! I have no time to read, make cards, sleep, exercise, or  eat. (I always make time to eat.) I am too busy learning about all the different machines there are available. At the present time, it appears we will be purchasing a semi-automatic heat-exchanger. I would prefer a double-boiler, but they are more money, and Old Moneybags doesn't think that we need two boilers. Yes, I could push him, but it isn't a battle I deem necessary to win, if you get my drift. So, if any of you could enlighten me on the "perfect espresso machine", please feel free to do so. And soon, as I feel that Gary is about to make the leap. 

Do check out all the fab creations by my always-talented teamies, and then color up something funny and join us. (No, you don't need anything with "potty humor" like mine. Which reminds me, did I ever tell you about the time I passed gas in fourth grade and blamed it on the kid in front of me? Too bad. It was a funny story. At least at the time.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Penny!!
    Your birthday card is gorgeous!! I love Gus, he's so cool!!!! :-)
    Wish you a nice weekend

  2. Morning sweetie, this is just gorgeous hugs Pops x

  3. I love this sentiment!

    Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog

    Happy Friday!


    Bridie@BGPayne Crafts

  4. This is fabulous Penny. I love the fun image, wonderful colouring and brilliant die cuts.
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Fab and fun birthday card, Penny! I love your sense of humor! Love this image and sentiment, too! Great colors and clock details! Good luck with picking an espresso machine. I have one, but wouldn't recommend it. It's not bad, just a bit hard to use. Now you've made me want a latte, though!

  6. Cute, Penny, you always make me smile..wish i had knowledge about an espresso machine..but i don't even drink coffee..just hot chocolate.

  7. This is gorgeous. I love all of your cogs and clocks; the colours are beautiful and your coloring of the image is great. Hugs, Teresa

  8. Such a terrific and totally funny card Penny! I love all the added steampunk elements, as they work beautifully with the "old" part of your story, lol. Bugaboo certainly does have terrific fun images I agree. Your BIL will probably snort, howl and very likely fart in the process when he receives this one, as these things sometimes go hand and hand with farting! Sometimes there is a tendency to use those sound effects if you want to pretend your not farting, but we all know you did cause that aroma usually gives them away. Great job! Thanks btw for that extra little comment about my dog, seems you could sense that even through cyberspace. It meant a lot :)Sandra xo

  9. fab card, love the colors and all the clock

  10. You can blame us English for the word 'fart' - apparently it was used a lot during Medieval times! Whether you think that information is worth a fart or not, is entirely up to you :) Anyway, on to the card - which is fabulous! I love all the gears, makes me think of time cranking slowly past. A very funny card and the usual expected humourous dialogue to boot!

  11. So fantastic! Love the colors and all the clocks! Truly an inspired and inspiring card! P.S. gonna bookmark this one for future CASing!

  12. Penny, your card is wonderful. Love all the clocks! Hope you find the perfect expresso machine.

  13. Penny, You did it....Awesome job on your card, that is something I can't make is a funny card but like the sentiment all the time will make it funny or not. Great job with all the elements (dies), love the clocks and the sentiment. I think I have lost the last month of my life. I do hope things have been fine with you. Being in Austin Texas for 3 weeks and them coming home and getting pneumonia and being laid up with that for another month. I was keeping all the posting and was becoming overwhelmed with all the beautiful posting and I was in no way going to get through them. So I decided to start fresh.
    Hugs, Pat

  14. I love the green and blue there <3 and grandma just fit there perfectly x


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