Friday, December 7, 2012

Too Quiet

Hey, Peeps, hope you are having a wonderful Friday! I just wanted to say "hello", as I have been really quiet the last few days. (Well, quiet on my blog, anyway!) I am busy creating chaos, wreaking havoc, and generally having a wonderful manic episode. I will be back on Sunday with a real post and a card, so don't go anywhere. Well, unless it's a fun anywhere, and then you have my permission--nay, my blessing--to do whatev!

Just a note: I am being spammed to death right now. OK, that's really a slight exaggeration. But I have been receiving a ton of spams from various "Anonymous" sources. So I have changed my "comment enabling" to block the Anonymous users. I hope it works. (Keeping my fingers, toes, and other appendages crossed--and that's very uncomfortable!)Just FYI, okey dokey? I knew you would understand.

Have a great weekend, Everydobby. (Yes, I know there is no such word. And your point?)


  1. Nice to see you, Penny! I'm getting a lot of those "Anonymous" spam comments, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. lol love the way you right your posts! Just had to come and say you made me laugh ;) Hope that you can uncross everything afterwards and don't get stuck in that uncomfortable position!!!!

  3. Cheing in Penny! I agree! I have been getting alot of spam too! Don't they have anything better to do? LOL
    Take care, my friend!

  4. Sorry you are having to deal with all the spam. Hope it doesn't happen to me, not sure I could fix it. Hope it gets better.

  5. Hi Penny thank you for stopping by and leaving me some love, sorry you have the spammer problem, they can be a real pain x

  6. Can’t wait to see whats up your sleeve. I can’t stand the spammers.


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