Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stamptacular Sunday "TWO's Company!" Challenge/Angela's Birthday Card

This week’s challenge is going to be so much fun!  We can’t wait to see what you create!
This week's challenge is a…
“TWO’s Company!”

For this week's challenge you will create a card that uses 2 stamps, 2 colors and 2 embellishments!  Oh…and don’t forget to STAMP!  After all…we don’t call this the STAMPtacular Sunday Challenge for nothing!      
You will have from now until midnight (EST) February 23rd, 2012 to complete this challenge and post a DIRECT LINK to your submission into our InLinkz in order to be entered into the drawing for this week's fabulous prize donated by:

Hey, that's a fabulous prize, don't you think? I love the images on Stitchy Bear, and there are so many to choose from that I had trouble choosing two to use on this card! In the end, I chose "Pirate Polly" and "Treasure Map" and printed both on Cryogen CS.

Now, I knew I needed to use only two colors, other than skin & hair; and I remembered that my daughter, Angela, had told me she wanted her birthday card done in purple and gold--Minnesota Vikings colors. (This was due to the fact that I gave her hubby a birthday card using the Green Bay Packers colors. In this case, what was good for the gander was going to be good for the goose.) (Did you understand that? Because I didn't, and I wrote it.)

So I had my two stamps, my two colors, and now I needed my two embellishments. I made a larger sword for one of them, and used a Tim Holtz Corked Vial with a message, (in a bottle, get it?), that I created for the second embellishment. And voila, it is done. Guess I should mention the papers I used, as well as the Copics: V01, V09, V17, V22, V25, Y21, Y32, Y35, Y38, B02, R20, YR23, E000, E00, E11, E33, E35. I added Copic Spica to her lips, fingernails, buttons, belt buckle, jewelry, and sword. And I used Stampin' Up and Bazzill CS for my card.

Before I close this short edition, I have a couple of things to tell you. One is that I will show you a few more vacation shots this week in a later post. But I am in a big hurry to get a couple of cards done, so need to do that first.

The other is that I got a new Samsung Galaxy SIII from Gary for my Valentine's gift on Thursday. (It was in addition to going out to eat a wonderful steak dinner at The Deli.) The new phone is really cool, very different from my old iPhone 3GS, but I am not happy with the T-Mobile Service I get in my house. I rarely get 4G on the phone, which is not acceptable. One of my friends told me last night that I should call T-Mobile to complain about the lack of coverage I have. And then they would probably do something about it. I certainly hope so!

It's really kind of funny--so many people told me that AT&T was so awful with its coverage, but I never had a problem using my phone in my home. And I surely do with our new T-Mobile service. So we shall see what happens. I do feel sorry for Gary, because this complication rather spoiled his wonderful surprise for me. He says we should take the phone back, but I would rather work through the issue. Besides, we would pay a terrible penalty for cancelling the service. I will let you know what happens, because I know you are sitting on pins and needles wondering about this. Or not.

I love the bigger screen on my new phone. And the fact that it weighs less than my old one, even though it is bigger. And there are so many, many features on this--it will take me quite a while to learn all of them. (Probably will know them about the time I get a new phone.) And it is supposed to sync up with my computer, which will be really wonderful to do again. And, for the first time, I have text-messaging. So I am not unhappy with the phone itself, just the service situation.

Btw, we got a flat tire last night. Fortunately it went flat about five blocks from our friend's home, so we limped in there and got Ford Roadside Assistance to come out and put on the spare. And spare is the correct word for that tiny, skinny little excuse for a tire that comes in your trunk. What a joke! That will get replaced ASAP! Not sure what happened to the regular tire; it just blew out all of a sudden.

Yes, it has been a strange weekend. I am looking forward to a good week and a visit from my sister, Barbara for a few days. Hope all of you have a wonderful week, too. Do check out the fabulous creations by my DTeamies! They are all such talented chicks! And then come up with your own 2-2-2 and show us what you did, OK?


  1. Fantastic card Penny! And absolutely fantastic choice on the phone. I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy SIII. :D

  2. Penny - this card is fabulous - the colors are so vivid and my favorite is the little bottle with the message inside - really creative!!

  3. Gorgeously creation Penny. So love the design and colours.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Fabulous card Penny. I love the image, your colouring is wonderful and the message in the bottle is such a great way to add the sentiment.
    Hugs Sue

  5. The message in the bottle idea is awesome Penny!
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog earlier and appreciating my
    Heart Shaped Box

  6. fab card Penny, love the combo and the little bottle. fab coloring

  7. Penny, Your card is incredible. Love the pirate and your detail of putting the bottle on the map is wonderful. I'm sorry to hear you got a flat tire, that is such a hassle. And don't even get me started on service of cell phones. We do just fine at home; however, when I go to my parents I go in and out and you would think that they lived in the boonies. For as much as it costs for the plans.....blah, blah, blah

  8. Fabulous idea for the message in the bottle and I love not only your image but that great background. Your coloring is always fabulous so this turns into a great card and a great idea. I love your ideas, they are always inspiring.

  9. amazing card hun - looks so gorgeous
    big hugs
    doreen xx

  10. Awesome card Penny! Wow! Your coloring is amazing. Love the purple and gold.

    :) Pam

  11. Fabulous creation here yet again Penny! Just love the stamps used - the map is awesome and the little bottled message, inspired! Beautiful colouring - but that's a given :)
    Hope you get your phone sorted out very soon.

  12. Wooszer, amazing coloring and extradionary image. One incredible card.

  13. WOw- this is an amazing card- LOVE the great color- the message in the bottle- how cool is that! Sorry you had a bad day : ( Drive safe with the spare on!

  14. Fabulous card, Penny, with some gorgeous coloring! I look forward to seeing more of your vacay pics :) Sorry to hear about the flat tire :( Hopefully you were able to get a decent deal on a new one. They are so dang expensive nowadays. Hope you are enjoying your new phone :)

    Love and hugs to you my DT Sistah!

  15. You've got a total Pirate's of the Caribbean theme going on here for sure Penny! Your colouring is spectacular and you rocked those pleats big time! Well done :)S

  16. Hi, Penny! I saw this card on the challenge site and didn't even realize it was yours!! I love it! Great coloring and the details are phenomenal... the map, message in a bottle and pirates' scimitar just add so much to the overall design. The image alone would have been enough to enthrall me though. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments you have left on my blog. They mean the world to me, my friend!

    Hugs, Anniebee

  17. Fabulosity! She's gorgeous and brilliantly colored. I especially love the way you colored the folds on her skirt.

    That paper could not be more perfect, but I didn't catch who made it. I love the names on it. "Dodgy Delta" and "Black Lagoon" crack me up. Do you remember the classic movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon"?

    The embellishments of the sword and the corked vial are also perfect.

    Your daughter will love it. I hope her gander doesn't goose her for her birthday.


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