Monday, February 18, 2013

Through The Craft Room Door Anything Goes Challenge

This week's challenge is being sponsored by Kenny K. To know Kenny K images is to love Kenny K images. And I chose a really fun one this week, called Biker Girl. 'Cuz she not only looks just like me, but she rides a mean bike, just like I do. You should see my hog. It doesn't go oink, oink, that's for sure. Someday, I'll share some photos of me riding side by side with Gary. You will be shocked!


Or not. Because I am just kidding. Or lying. Whichever you prefer. Not about the image I chose. But that she looks just like me. Nawwwww, I'm kidding about all of it. Except the fact that I did actually choose Biker Girl. Now that we have that all tidied up, I have to mention that my card didn't make it to the blog challenge. I turned it in before the challenge was posted, but I guess it wasn't seen. That'll teach me to get my stuff in on the last day, huh?

So I will briefly list the details and then get to some more vacation photos.

Image:  Kenny K Biker Girl, printed on Make It Colour Blending Card
Sentiment: Create with TLC
DP: Bo Bunny Weekend Market
CS: Stampin' Up
Ink: Stampin' Up
Copics: BG72, BG75, BG78, W1, W3, W5, W7, R20, R22, E000, E00, E11, E13, E15, E18, E21, YR20, YR21, YR23, YR27, B93, B95, B97, B99.
Copic Spica: Added to headlamp, belt buckle, and necklace.
Dies: SCACD Ornate Hinge, Classic Corner, and Alice's Clock Statement Corner
         Whimsy Mini Postage Stamp

Oh, I did call the T-Mobile Sales Associate that sold us my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I told her that my coverage in my home was virtually non-existent. She asked if I had Wi-Fi, and I said yes. So she told me to use that when I was at home. I really think that is an unsatisfactory answer, since it uses up battery life so quickly. But that is what I was told. I hate to really grouse about it in front of Gary, because that just hurts his feelings. So I will just shut my face and let it go. Of course, I still have to learn how to use all the features, so that should keep me busy when I am not making cards or commenting on blogs, hey?

The last photos I showed you were from our next to last day on the Big Island. We got up on Monday, our last day, and I have to admit I was a basket case. I knew I had to fly in that little mosquito to go back to Maui that afternoon. I did spend some time reading on the lanai and then Gary suggested we go to the Coffee Shack for breakfast.

That idea didn't quite pan out, as we couldn't get near the place to park. It sits right on the side of the main highway and has a tiny parking lot. And any close spaces on the highway were taken. So, we turned around and headed back to our hotel. Next to the hotel pool there was a little coffee bar, so we each got a Chai latte and a scone for our meager meal! It was tasty, and the birds thought so, too, as they swooped in to grab any crumbs that fell. (One thing you can depend on in the state of Hawaii. You will have outdoor restaurants, and there will be lots of birds to snatch your food!) But we love the red-headed Cardinals, so we got a couple of photos of one scarfing up whatever he could find. Funny how hard it is to photograph these guys out in the wild, but they are easy to find in a hotel lobby or on a restaurant table!

Then Gary took the little camera to shoot some pictures of the Sheraton that we had stayed at:

It really was a nice place to stay, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Or a New York minute. Whichever is faster. However, I would not do the mosquito flight to get to the Big Island again. I would fly direct in a big jet. Below is the itty bitty, teeny tiny gnat that we flew in. And there was only one other passenger besides Gary and I. We almost had a charter flight.

Here are a couple of photos of Mauna Kea from the airplane. (It is really weird sitting below the wings.) I never saw Mauna Kea while we were on the island because of all the cloud cover. But I did get a shot of it from the air.

And here's the last we saw of the Big Island of Hawaii. Sigh....

And here comes Maui and Haleakala:

Now I do have to say that the take-off from Hawaii and the flight to Maui were really smooth compared to our last take-off and flight in this small plane. However, the approach and landing were scary as he**, due to the winds around Kahului--we felt those winds as we rounded the western side of Haleakala. The pilot told us after deplaning that he had to land on one wheel due to the cross-winds. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??????????? Never, never, never again. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Here's the southern side of Haleakala, followed by the western side. Then on the northwest side you can see all the cloud cover we were flying into. Ugh. And the last photo from the plane shows the eensy weensy cockpit, and the solitary pilot. (Who would have flown that little bugger if something had happened to him, I ask you? Just who? Yours truly? I don't think so!)

So look what we got into after landing. Yup. Rain. And more rain. And even more rain. It was so cold, wet and rainy compared to the weather we had just left on Hawaii. Very strange. We nearly froze eating dinner outdoors that night. OK, that's a slight exaggeration. But it was really chilly sitting in the damp wind. Fortunately, for us, that was all the rain we had on Maui. The other four days were beautiful.

Here's a photo heading west of the airport toward the West Maui Mountains:

Here's the view from the lobby at the Westin Hotel:

Lovely, huh? But our room was so cramped that we won't stay there again. Our lanai on the second floor had a view of the noisy lobby waterfall. Not the place to be soothed; however, if you wanted your eardrums rattled, it was quite perfect!

And if you look very carefully at the top of the next photo you can see a wee bit of the ocean and the island of Lana'i. That was the extent of our ocean view from our room. But hey, it was better than a parking lot view, right? And we were next to the beach and on Maui. So how could I possibly complain? I'll rephrase that: so why should I possibly complain? 

We did have a great time on Maui. Certainly ate quite well. I'll show you a few more photos on my next post.

For now, I hope you scoot on over to TTCRD and check out the wonderful cards by my teamies! And I expect to see you there with your fabulous entries. Have a great rest of the week!



  2. WOW Penny! I just love all the photos and reading about your adventure in Hawaii, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go out and buy a ticket right now! Gorgeous Kenny K. card, your coloring is so rich and the DP is perfect!
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. awww she is so cute! her outfit is real cool - love those colours...and a gold bike! love it! hehehe you crack me up - so do you ride a bike? i want pictures anyway! LOL!wow look at that amazing pool - would love to be relaxing there right now! hehe

  4. This is just gorgeous sweetie fabulopus colours too, big hugs pops x x x

  5. WOW"! Such a wonderful image Penny and your colouring is amazing. I love those papers too.
    Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Sue

  6. Your photos are awesome and a true reflection of the wonderful time you must have had. Also loving your very sassy card.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  7. Fantastic card, Penny! Love the colors and the diecuts! Terrific coloring of the fun image! Enjoyed seeing more of your vacation pics!

  8. fab card Penny and over all amazing coloring

  9. Made perfect sense, Penny! I will start doing that. I love all of the pictures you posted! So beautiful! Your card is most excellent, too!

  10. Your card is terrific. Great coloring on the fun biker girl. Kenny's images are wild and sassy so I think they are fun to work with. Glad to see more of your vacation pictures. My parents leave on Sunday for Hawaii for two weeks and I'm sure they will have as much enjoyment.

  11. Amazing photos Penny & your card as always is gorgeous :)
    Hope you're having a great week.

  12. Wow, fabulous image and beautiful DP and design.

  13. Oh my, how fabulous! Penny, you did a fantastic job of coloring her and what a great job of putting it all together. I love the papers you used and love the colors you used. That looks like a trip of a lifetime and loving all your photos.

  14. Penny this is stunning!! Your coloring is fantastic!

  15. Loving the vintage biker chick card and fantastic colouring too!
    Enjoying the holiday snaps with each posting - they just make we want to go there even more than ever :) Looks like such a scenic, beautiful place and I would have loved the tiny plane too!

  16. I thought she looked like you during your biker days. No wonder you chose her.


    Fabulous card! I saw this one on Pinterest and loved it there too.

    She's beautifully colored and I love how you used the SCACD dies. The patterned papers are perfect for the card too!

    I can't believe you voluntarily got into that little tiny plane twice without sedation. Wow. Your hotel had its own flamingos? Cool.


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