Monday, June 13, 2011

And I say, WHAT?

So Angela saw my blog. It is nice to share it finally.  :^)

I am waiting for Gary to get home from work. He stopped at Jos. A. Banks, because they are having a great sale right now. He could use some new clothes to add to his collection. But the really crazy thing is that he keeps calling me from the store to see if I think he should buy this thing or that. WHAT? He makes all the money, so why does he feel the need to consult me? It has got to be a hold-over from years ago, when we had a much smaller income! I can tell you that I certainly don't have that problem. I used to ask him whenever I bought anything, but not any more! LOL!

Last night Gary informed me that he does not want to go up to the Haleakala summit in Maui. He says he has no desire to get cold over there. I told him we could just wear layers of clothes. Then he told me that he has never been up on a mountain. Again I say, WHAT? Honestly? Who has never been up on a mountain? Apparently my husband. I just find that so weird--but then I was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, so I was on top of more than one mountain while growing up. Well, I tell ya, there is NO way I am going to Maui and NOT going up to the top of Haleakala, (even if I have to drive myself up there).  ;^) And I think Gary should add this to his bucket list, don't you? (BTW, I don't think he likes talking about a "bucket list". He feels more mortal every day, and for him, that is not a good feeling.)

I just got an email from my sister, Barbara. She read my blog and tried to comment. But, for some reason, she wasn't allowed to. I am not sure why. I told her to try becoming a "follower" first to see if that was the problem. Or, perhaps she needs to have a Google account. I don't know. But I am glad that I have another reader anyway, as you know I have so much of import to impart. LOL

Enough rambling for today. The Diamondbacks have scored 12 runs so far in their game tonight. That means that we could go to Taco Hell tomorrow between 4 and 6 and get 3 free crunchy tacos. Whatcha think? No? Really? HAHAHAHA!

Wishing everyone everywhere a terrific Tuesday! And someone somewhere will know this! :^)


  1. Wacky about Dad and the mountain. He should try to do it! And I'm sorry he's feeling so mortal these days ... I know he's not liking getting older. Wish he had more peace of mind about that.

    About Barbara, is she posting but it's just not showing up? Because you have to approve the posts, so maybe that's all that's going on?

  2. No, there are no comments from her awaiting moderation.


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