Monday, June 20, 2011

Hooray, I got my blinkie! :^)

I am so tickled! I emailed Suzanne and requested the picture file for the CMC Classroom blinkie. She sent it right away; and, after a bit of maneuvering, I was able to add it to my blog! Yay!!

So, as my father would have said, now we're cookin' with gas. :^) That is actually pretty funny, as my parents never had a gas stove all the years I lived with them. I wonder if they had one before I came along, or if that was just a saying from years and years and years ago. Yeah, I'm old. I know it. I admit it. And it's OK; it surely beats the alternative! And don't call me Shirley (what movie did that come from?).   ;^)

I have decided to do something different with my hair. All of a sudden I really dislike my hair style. It is so strange how that happens. One minute you love it (of course, the one minute lasted a couple of years) and the next you want to shave your head. Well, maybe not that extreme, but I really would like something different. Something easier than what I have been doing. Should I go back to "Spike"? Mmmmm, probably not. But, certainly, there has to be an easier style to deal with, doesn't there? Hopefully, I will find out on Thursday afternoon. Thank heavens!

So I am getting the new Stampin' Up catalog tonight. Be afraid, Gary, be very afraid! Fortunately, for him anyway, I am buying mostly children images now, and SU does not have very many of those. So I spend the bulk of my (his) stamp money online at various websites. There are so many I love, but right now my faves are Magnolia. Today I received my first Magnolia magazine, and I am excited to dig into it!

Here is another Magnolia image, which I did for my great-nephew, Trevor. He just graduated from high school in Texas. His school colors were maroon and white--I hope the maroon was close.

Here's wishing everyone everywhere a terrific Tuesday! :^)


  1. Movie: "Airplane." :)

    I've liked your hair in this style, but I know what you mean about wanting a change, and wanting to go shorter. That's why I just cut mine shorter. I'm intrigued to see what you do with yours ...

    Did you pick out what you'll buy from Stampin' Up yet?

  2. Excellent guess! ;^)

    I don't know what I am going to do yet. I think I need Linh to help me figure that one out.

    Funny about SU. No, not yet. I still haven't finished going through the catalog. I have seen a couple of sets I like already though. :^)

  3. Now have you picked something out? :)

  4. Unfortunately, yes, I have found several things to purchase over the next year. And I didn't think I would! HAHAHAHAHA!


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