Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too much typing today!

You know those emails that get sent out with the fill-in-the-blanks. The ones you roll your eyes at, but then, when you start answering them, they actually are fun to do. And fun to get back. You can learn some surprising things about people you thought you knew. Well, I am in the middle of one of those right now. I blame it all on my sister, Barbara. She started the dang thing, and it has morphed into a life of its own. Honestly, I left my computer for a few hours today--to do some CONSTRUCTIVE things, ahem--and I came back to 52 new messages. And they were all from various members of my family, smart-mouthing each other over and over. (I think I am really ticked because I didn't get to play with them real-time!) I fixed their wagons for them (what does that really mean), because I was on tonight when the barrage began again. I was able to respond with witty comments of my own--typing faster than I ever thought possible. Gosh, I am exhausted. I don't know how people actually do this for a living. I used to, many moons ago. I digress. And lucky for you, I forgot what the point of this whole paragraph was.

So, tomorrow is hair-cut time. I haven't even left the house for a week. I just can't face the public with my hair looking soooo bad. (Yeah, like anyone really cares, or would even notice--LOL). I need hair help badly. Do I sound desperate? Perhaps just a teeny bit.

I got a couple of images done for a class I am taking on-line with Suzanne Dean and her Color Me Creative Classroom. I actually liked doing them--a sepia image and a black-and-white image. I may use this technique on some cards in the future, as it is rather fun.

I made a card for another surprise birthday party--two in one month is a little weird--this one for Barry, my son-in-law's brother. I added bling at the insistence (really) of my daughter. I don't think that Barry minded though, as he is pretty easy-going. It was a great party, btw, thank you for asking!

So You Think You Can Dance was great tonight! The Viennese Waltz was beautiful--loved it. There was even a performance that brought tears to my eyes--the one about a soldier coming back from Afghanistan to his wife. Very emotional. Mmmm, it took me back to the days of Gary in Viet Nam. Scary days, those--and it would be wonderful if no one had to experience them ever again. 

And I wish everyone everywhere a wonderful Thursday! :^)


  1. You loved those emails. Don't pretend otherwise.

    I love the b&w and sepia images! Wow! I think my favorite is the sepia one, but they're both beautiful. Definitely do more!

  2. :^)

    Thank you--I think they are fun to do and different from the same old, same old. And I think they would be really nice on masculine cards.

  3. I love those emails...the fill-in-the-blank ones!! I also love the emails going back and forth with the family. We are SASSY people!!! Glad i belong to such a pleasant family!!!
    LOVE this card. Really!!!!!!

  4. We are sassy people, aren't we! Glad you belong, too, Kiddo! And thank you!


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