Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ooops, I skipped a day!

I didn't write anything yesterday. I was still wiped out, and even took a nap again. I honestly cannot even remember if I did anything of substance yesterday, except that we went to The Deli for dinner. :^) How's that for a great memory? Oh, yeah, I did finish the laundry in the morning. Also, I started the birthday card last night after we got home from dinner. Gary watched some TV while I was working in my craft room. I crafted until about 1:30 a.m. (And Gary was in bed long before that!)

I got up today with lots more energy. I exercised for about an hour and then settled down to work on the birthday card again--I am spending a LOT of time on this one! I now have to glue everything down, and then will be done with it. Hopefully, our friend will love this card. Now we just have to make sure we are at the restaurant before the surprise party is to start--and the location is over an hour from our house!

I did order a couple more pieces from Chico's to wear on our trip to Maui. I definitely need to drop about 10 pounds before that trip. The crop pants I have bought are way too snug right now. But I am getting more fit by the day, so I know I will be in shape by the time we are ready to go. 

I wish everyone everywhere a super Sunday! Yeah, yeah, no one anywhere knows I said this--but I am getting closer and closer to announcing my blog to a few select people.

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