Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm doing what?

Wow, it's late! I have been working on my presentation for my first Copics class, and I lost track of time! I did have all of this set for last month, but got sick at the last minute, so couldn't teach. And I am giving the class on Wednesday, so I got everything back out and have been going over all of it again. I think I'd best get to bed, get some sleep, and practice again when I get up.

Poor Gary--I almost bit his head off tonight when he called from San Jose. Last night I tried to download (VERY unsuccessfully) an app to my iPhone through my computer. I paid 6 bucks for the stupid thing and it didn't download. So I sent an email to ITunes and asked for some help. Some help is right. I got an email back with some info that didn't help me at all, so I was really ticked off. And that's when Gary called. :^(  Oh well, he called back later and I apologized. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. VBG

And to everyone everywhere, have a great Tuesday! And no one anywhere will know I said this. ;^)

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