Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprise! :^)

I finally finished the surprise birthday card today--I spent so much time on this card, it was crazy! But I am glad I got it done before the party!

It took us an hour to get to Le Chalet for a lovely surprise birthday dinner for our friend Catherine. She is turning the big six oh, and Jose, her hubby, wanted her to celebrate in a big way. She definitely seemed surprised to find all of us there when she arrived. :^) Oh, and the food was so delicious! The wine was great, too, and we even had a glass of champagne to toast the birthday girl. I am definitely stuffed right now and in need of a nap. So I think I'll just head to bed for the night. And, yes, this is early for me! ;^)

I want to wish everyone everywhere a wonderful Monday! And I am finally letting my daughter in on my blog, so she will know I said this! :^)


  1. That's right, I do know you said this. You can no longer say nobody knows ... :)

    Great job on this card! You do such beautiful work! And now you have to let a few more people in on this blog so other people can enjoy it. :)

  2. Thank you for the compliment. :^)

    I guess I need to let a few more people know, huh? Like family? VBG


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